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本人於民事訴訟中取得勝訴賠償, 但敗方不交賠款.

查詢法庭可申請執達吏到其家封財物,但申請的同時要提交被告人的財物清單, 本人只知被告人一家三口成人居住我樓上,被告人是業主.




Dear Gary,

Thanks a lot !

This was a Small Claims Tribunal case and amount of $8,000-HKD, can I apply this in District Court?

I need to do something because this family always make nuisance to me.

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    Make sure all the deadlines have passed first, which include appeal, set aside judgment, and the deadline to pay the judgment.

    After that you can request the court that render your judgment (not Bailiff) for an order to enforce the judgment, then the court will issue an order to you for the bailiff to seize property.

    You will have to fill out something like this:

    At this moment, you are not required to provide a list of items. The staff who answered the phone may mistakenly answer something else.

    2013-05-05 04:26:36 補充:

    No - you have to go back to Small Claims Tribunal (even through District Court is at the same place).

    They should have the form.

    Also - bailiff is not always the best option. There is always something else you can do.

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