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(急!!)請幫忙翻譯英文,不要翻譯機 謝謝!20點




4.本契約若未住滿一年提前解約,租方需沒收押金.並恢復原原來樣貌, 不能任意破壞.若租方惡意搗毀房屋.本人將採取法律行動 收取賠償金額



7.客廳,餐廳使用須保持整齊乾淨, 廚房廚餘不能留置現場須馬上清理,使用烹飪請注意安全.隨手關瓦斯.以簡易烹調為主

8.每周可使用1-2 次洗衣機及烘乾機.並請節約用水和電 . 若超過合理範圍 多於費用將請平均分擔

9.若有家人父母親(只限2位以內) 來探訪 須過夜留宿,每半年線10天.每人酌收一天100元水電垃圾費,事先須要經過屋主以及室友同意.




13. 租屋代表者


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    A contract is entered into and the time for performance 2 rental contract signed (3) contractors (4) of the contract if not least one year early termination the lessor be forfeited deposit and to restore the original original appearance, can not be any damage I will take legal action to receive compensation. Rent malicious destroyed the houses. Note Not let non-Renting overnight can not do banquets or meetings can not copy the key to a second person can not be manufactured to high noise interference neighbors Living room, restaurants should be kept clean and tidy, kitchen food waste can not indwelling site shall immediately clean up, cooking, please pay attention to safety. Shut off the gas. Summary cooking Week 1-2 times a washing machine and dryer and save water and electricity in excess of the reasonable range more than costs will be invited to be shared equally 9 If there is a family and parents (only two) to visit shall be made overnight stay, line 10 days every six months. 100 yuan a day per person to charge a hydropower garbage fee, agreed to have to go through the owner and roommate in advance. 10. The house can not be beat or nail things can not stay on the wall, peel in the house 11 homes completely non-smoking alcohol, not pets 12 room sharing, one of whom relocation, rent instead of living alone fees 13 Renting representative, 14 housemates Name

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