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華人名字,如果是依照族譜,是否也叫middle name?



那「大」字,是否算這兩人的middle name?

或者只單純是 a part of first name?

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    English name can have 3 parts:

    surname (姓), middle name (中名), given name or first name (名字)

    surname and given name are like Chinese name.

    However, middle name, in general, is another given name. In a word, besides given name, they can have 2nd, 3rd, ... given names (that is why sometimes, given name is called first name), and these given name(s) are all placed in the middle.

    In Chinese name, we can have single-character name (單名), or double-character name (複名). However, in English, they are all given names.

    Therefore, to answer your question, it is just part of the given name (or first name).

    Some Chinese have 號 (art name) or 表字 (or simply 字, courtesy name or Chinese style name).

    Please refer to:


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