Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Justin Bieber?

Who do you think is better Jonathan Taylor Thomas (jtt) or Justin bieber?

Both of them were pretty much the same except they were famous at different times which doesn't really count like imagine Jonathan being famous TODAY at age 17 and Beiber at 17 as well

If you don't know who Jonathan is

Well he's the voice of the most popular character the Young Simba in the Lion King

and if you wanna see his face on TV just watch the TV show Home Improvement then tell me

In my opinion Jonathan will ALWAYS be better then Bieber even as age 30

If you hate both then don't answer the question

PS I'm 18 and all my friends like Justin Bieber well most and I like Jonathan way more I just think everything about him is better then Justin Bieber I have like almost no respect for Justin Bieber honestly I feel like im forced to like Justin bieber and I somehow ended up with all this Bieber stuff cause people assumed that I liked Bieber cause he's like the hottest thing around (for now) and everyone seems to like him



I only only spelled Bieber once wrong as in Beiber

Geez it's just stupid little spelling mistakes

Everyone makes them even people that are older than me

You didn't have to be rude about it

& plus I have issues that you don't need to know about as well

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    Jonathan. Even years after being on Home Improvement, he's still just as amazing and just as good looking, and he actually knows/knew how to handle fame. He didn't pull publicity stunts just to get more famous, and he's more humble than almost every current teen idol.

  • 8 years ago

    I say Justin Bieber, my brothers name is Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And Justin is 19 not 17. And you being 18 should know how to spell. It's 'bieber' not 'beiber' and 'than' not 'then'. Why do you 'like almost have no respect' for him? And if you don't want the Bieber stuff I'd gladly take it.

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    8 years ago

    I say Jonathan Taylor Thomas, he was an awesome actor c'mon he was the voice of baby simba... haven't seen much of him now sadly!

  • JTT i dont know who he is but at least im not choosing that Gay guy...

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  • 8 years ago

    I do prefer Justin, sorry.

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