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What should I know before traveling to south sudan?

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    8 years ago
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    Yellow fever vaccination and accompanying certificate is compulsory.

    I would advise vaccinations for meningitis, Hep A and measles.

    South Sudan is hot. Take electrolytes to add to your water, to replace lost salts.

    Take a Katadyn hand held water filter. The water in Sudan will make you sick if you drink it. I filter all my water.

    South Sudan is not Moslem so head scarf is not required but might be good to take a scarf anyway. I use a head scarf, i soak it in water and it keeps my head cool.

    I wide brimmed hat is very useful. Sun glasses get scratched easily from the dust, so take a few cheap pairs. There electrical power is unreliable and does not exist outside of Juba or Rumbek. So take solar chargers for you cell phone and take headlamp/head torches so you can move around your hut at night. Make sure you buy a headlamp/torch that has an option of a red light. Mosquitoes cannot see red light and if you use white light it attracts hundreds of night insects including mossies.

    Use Citronella oil to repel mossies at night. Make sure you have a mosquito net to sleep under. The rainy season starts in June and the mossies are there in there thousands during the rains.

    It is not easy drying clothes in rainy season, make sure you have good waterproof clothing and equipment.

    Take imodium with you. You will get diarrhea. Anti bacterial and anti-fungal creams are useful. The rains bring fungal problems and wounds don't heal as well.

    Take energy bars with you as treats.

    I go through a lot of wet wipes. Worth taking a few. Anti-bacterial Hand wash as well.

    If you stay in the towns you are okay, but if you live in the villages it gets a bit rough physically. It is easy to get sick quickly so make sure you have anti-biotics and a decent basic medical kit with you.

    If you are in the village ensure you carry a basic tool, like a leatherman, and fire making kit - flint and mang.

    Source(s): Lived and worked in North Sudan and South Sudan for many years.
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