Help me with my exchange college choice?

Hi, i am planning on going abroad to study in the US for a semester. I get to choose 7 Universities and they will assign me one. But I have a very big list to choose from, ive already chosen 5, need 2 more. Would you make me a list of your favorite 7 and tell me why u chose them?

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Baylor University

Colorado State University

North Carolina State University - Raleigh

Brigham Young University

Kansas State University

Michigan State University

Brigham Young University

North Carolina Agricultural and

Technical State University

Purdue University

Texas A&M University

The University of Arizona

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

University of Memphis

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

University of North Carolina at Asheville

University of North Texas

University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Austin

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Utah State University

Western Illinois University

Mississippi State University

Montana State University

P.S. Im studying mechanical engineering. I want the school to be good(academics,campus, scenery), but i wanna have a good time over there too(parties, friendly atmosphere)

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  • drip
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    7 years ago
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    for engineering

    Purdue University and Texas A&M

    Western IL University is not know for engineering and is in the middle of nowhere.

    Utah State University can have a high percentage of Mormons there. same with Brigham Young.

    Purdue and University of Wisconsin will are close to Chicago if you want to visit.

  • 7 years ago

    I can give you some information about Kansas State. It has a very good College of Engineering. The building is fairly new. The campus is really nice. Most U.S. college campuses are nice but all the buildings at Kansas State are built from native stone and it gives the campus a different look.

    The campus has a pretty good, friendly vibe. On some surveys Kansas State has been in the top 10 nationally for student happiness and friendliness of campus. There is also an active social scene. Next to campus is a shopping/entertainment district called Aggieville. It's two blocks of bars and restaurants.

    I'll be honest, Manhattan is a small town. The population is just over 50,000 and over 20,000 of that count are college students. It's very much a college town. Some people find it quiet. There are a lot of biking, hiking and camping opportunities.

    Wherever you choose, make sure you get out and get involved. Go to some school sporting events. Here is a video of the Kansas State student section before a football game. Enjoy!

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  • Dawn
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    7 years ago

    If you want to party, take out Baylor (Southern Baptist) and Brigham Young (Mormon).

    Go to college prowler and enter your priorities, and see if that helps. Link below.

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