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T J asked in SportsCricket · 8 years ago

Is it about time cricket umpires were given powers to issue Yellow & Red cards for misconduct on the ground?

Like football & players end up missing the next match for a straight red card or 2 yellow cards.

This could be given to anyone playing the game & bringing the game into disrepute with individual actions, i.e. fielders, bowlers, keepers for distracting batsmen or any wrong action during play.

Bowlers for excessive appeals or batsmen trying illegal means to avert getting out.

Abolish Fair Play awards, which are hard to understand but immediately install these powers for on-field Umpires, 3rd Umpire & the Match Referee.

Players are getting out of hand, they don't fear any bans but they are being projected as tough nuts, who would do anything for their teams, be it National or local or a Franchise team.

Pl share your views. I know that tournament organizers are not going to budge but like Sir Jadeja is being discussed because of YA, perhaps powers to be would budge after reading/ listening to our discussions about these sad happenings going on the cricket ground.

Pl have your say..

BQ: Are you saddened by the poor behavior of few youngsters towards the seniors or vice versa or getting tough with their own team-mates, in the name of aggression. What should be done, apart from these Yellow & Red cards to stem the rot..

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    I agree with Joe but not with the language he used. So a TD straightaway to him. Sorry. BBL is running because of the spectators there.

    I think we should start this with IPL. With all those showy things implemented, why not this one?. Its a good idea. May be the idea becomes a hit and is also implemented in international cricket.

    BQ) Saddened? No, I am boiled. Players like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly don't deserve this kind of attitude by these short term famed players. More appropriate option would be to ban them for the upcoming matches depending upon the offence.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't think card system can be adopted in cricket. In games like football, players often touch each other, which sometimes gets very nasty and can result into physical fight and serious injuries. Verbal comment passing is still allowable in football and everyone is entitled to pass comments. But in game of cricket physical touch is rare, I think being cricket fans we are not habitual to see players talking with so much heat. Removing players from running cricket match may make the whole match unstable, which would be harsh and not feasible in my opinion TJ.

    In my opinion deducting match fees is a ineffective punishment for cricketers who are earning millions. A player should be banned for one-two next matches for stretching the limits be it in domestic tournament or international matches, which can be done my match referee after the end of match. Umpire should play active role in control of cricketers on the field. If I go in deep roots, sledging is the main cause of most of the verbal fights in cricket, if one sledges and seconds keeps quiet than time passes nicely, but when two cricketers having similar kind of poor temperament clashes then situation gets poor. So sledging should be banned in international cricket but our non-subcontinent mates don't see anything bad in sledging. I don't think that cricket can be turned into gentleman's game by allowing sledging.

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    8 years ago

    Of course the deteriorating behavioral pattern of players on and off the field needs to be checked, but my concern is more basic and generic...... sports becoming so highly competitive and monetarily rewarding for the successful ones..... all the ills that used to be associated with money making business are now invading the sports arena across the world...... this completely negates the basic reason why we need sports in our life.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe in pathetic tournaments like IPL, but in international cricket I do not see any need for it.

    I have not seen what incident you are talking about and as it is IPL it makes me laugh at how gullible people are to follow such nonsense cricket, not be saddened at the behaviour of some bunch of fools. The stupid fools running the franchise who are dumb enough to pay them sh*tloads of money to play cricket is who I feel sad for. Clearly the brain power or good luck that saw them become rich is not displayed to the world. How a dud like Maxwell and Dudeja can get so much is beyond belief for any sain person.

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  • borhan
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    8 years ago

    In football yellow or red card is used generally to reduce physical injury not to reduce or stop arguments .so in that sense if its introduced in cricket just for the sake of verbal argument then it would be heavy punishment for little crime .sports fans like these arguments .its good for making any sports more sporty .so i won't mind it as long as it don't go to physical confrontation which rarely goes in cricket but that can be handled by ICC later easily

  • 8 years ago

    That seems like a reasonable idea,it might make them think twice before offending.

    BQ, same punishment.

  • 8 years ago

    i think it is time to do this. and when this rule is in place I'm sure we will no longer see players like Virat Kohli etc acting like they are the most elegent person on this planet.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i think it is time to do this now.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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