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Canada post expedited tracking?

its from the USA its entered canada and now it says the items been electronically sumbitted in MISSISSAUGA ON and the delivery date is MAY 3rd today but it didnt say its been out for delivery or anything im guessing the tracking doesnt continue in canada

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    You are right. Tracking can only be had in the country of origin. Once it is out of the country's postal service and into another country's it is no longer trackable. Mississauga is the clearing station for all parcels shipped from the States to Ontario. From there it is sent to your city's post office. It may not come today but it will be there soon

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    Are you looking on Canada Post or the USPS site?

    The delivery date says ESTIMATED delivery date.

    Is your parcel going to Mississauga or some other city? Is it the Postal Sorting station or the Canada Customs station?

    Canada Customs gets it before the Post Office does.

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    Sorry however you'll need Proof of address the place you're staying in U.Ok. Hire guide or rates booklet,or I.D Card like Library ticket.If all else fails put up place of job could ask you to signal for parcel with present handle.

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    have you heard of CUSTOMS control? maybe customs has held it for checking.

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