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If Geno Smith starts with the Jets whats going to happen to Mark Sanchez?

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    I think Mark Sanchez will at least start the first few games. I won't even say it's because Ryan loves him though. There have been a lot of exceptions lately, but if you look back, a lot of rookie quarterbacks were brought in slowly so they could learn the ropes and wouldn't be deterred by bad situations early on. I think Geno Smith could be a great quarterback, but I don't see him as the type who should step in for week 1. I don't believe the Jets do either. That usually only works on a good team. As a 2nd round pick, there won't be as much pressure to bring him on week 1 as there would be with Luck or RGIII. So, Sanchez will start several games then become a backup for the rest of the season, or possibly even start the whole season, but unless he pulls a Drew Brees with the Chargers (manages to become great right when the team found another young quarterback), I'd expect him to be gone after this season, looking for a new job. Also, he might not even be the guy starting this year. It could very well be Garrard. Either way, the things I'd expect to happen would be Geno Smith sits for at least a few weeks, and a veteran watches over the starting job for awhile. If it's not Sanchez, Sanchez will just sit on the bench a year then end up somewhere else.

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  • DB-C
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    7 years ago

    He can't be cut do to his contract, if they split the penalty up they might be able to cut him, I believe what the Jets feel most comfortable with at this time would be 1 Garrard 2 Geno 3 McElroy. The Jet might cut Sanchez if they get a chance to.

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    Geno Smithj will not start at QB for the Jets until Ryan is fired as coach because his boy Sanchez will always be the starter

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  • wizjp
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    7 years ago

    I believe the Jets have an open spot for a punt team protector.

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