What does the quote “A Salesman is someone who sells goods that won’t come back to customers that will” Mean?

What does this mean?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Goods = merchandise

    The goal of a store is to sell goods to customers. They want the customers to come back to buy more goods. But they do not want the customers to return products they purchased because they are unsatisfied with them.

    So a good salesperson makes sure the customers are so satisfied with their purchases that they come back to buy more stuff and never return stuff they have already purchased.

    Goods that won't come back = purchases that meet the customers expectations and don't need to be returned

    Customers that will come back = happy, satisfied customers ready to buy more merchandise

  • 7 years ago

    A salesman is someone who sells goods that won't come back...to customers that will.

    It means that a salesman sells quality items (goods that won't be returned) to customers who will keep coming back.

    Sell a good product. Make people want to continue to buy from you.


    You're a salesman.

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