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My ex friend keeps bullying me... What do I do?

I have a friend I knew online for 5 years and in person since January 2013. She was always trying to force me to do things I don't wanna do, she argues and yells at me 24/7 and never takes responibility for anything and blames everything on me. She recently crossed the line when she tried to force me to sign up for a music record label and when I told her no she flipped out and I blurted out how I feel and ditched her as a friend. I then went to some friends of hers that are also now my friends and they advised she write me an apology letter and told her she's in the wrong. Well, she did not like this and is now calling me a brat, a ***** and she is bullying me to no end. I wanna block her on my iphone but it has no blocking capability except truecaller which only rejects calls it does not block them. I am afraid that she might try to harass my best friend and my friend said she'd call the cops if she gets harassed and I do not want the cops involved. It has been advised to me to ignore the texts but i tried that and it is not working. Is there a way to handle this or should I ignore her? She also is threatening me saying if I don't stop being friends with her friends that she'll keep bugging me and she accused me of turning everyone against her and I am the 16th friend thats cut ties with her. Only two ever came back to her. She can't see what she is doing to me and is trying to turn everyone against me including my bf. She is also causing me depression and low self-estem and bad thoughts about myself. I need some serious advice and quick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just keep to ignoring her and doing your own thing, that will annoy her a lot.

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    that is rather an elementary situation in existence. you're a foul buddy for leaving her, you're able to admire her sexual emotions no rely what they are and whether you're slightly uncomfortable, you're pals and you're able to handle it to her! you're able to confer together with her in guy or woman or over the telephone, do not text textile her or facebook her or any of that crap! you're able to inform the pals that are bullying her to place off and easily, you're able to not be pals with those human beings in the event that they are treating an outdated buddy this poorly. i'm sorry for being so harsh, you're basically an adolescent and those issues is perplexing and perplexing. be attentive to that being accepted and setting up it may experience like it has advantages regardless of the undeniable fact that it rather does the different, have faith me i be attentive to! yet another selection would be to pass to a coaching counselor or a concept and tell them what's occurring on your outdated buddy, yet on condition that that is real bullying, you do not choose to blow this element up. If yo do tell a counselor or valuable, please be attentive to which you have finished privateness and confidentiality in each thing which you do and say with this guy or woman or human beings. you will parent this out and don't enable it get you down too plenty, that is not your fault-nicely not all of it-that that is occurring. help your buddy, do what's good, you would be attentive to in case you probably did the surprising element or not. perfect of success and be nicely...

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    The worst thing you can do is actually respond.

    Otherwise call your carrier and they can block it.

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