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The Constitution Stands: Conservatives are you going to compromise?

No More Compromising Conservative Values!

Celebrants who believe President Obama's re-election marks a major shift to the left in America are identical to students who misinterpret their own power when the teacher leaves the room for a few moments. The electorate is and always will be a delicate and ever-fluctuating entity that changes over time. No party, philosophy or ideology will ever have a lock on the vox pop. A more crucial matter is the errant liberal thinking that majority represents righteousness. The two are mutually exclusive, lest we forget that majorities have sent innocent men to the gas chamber, approved disastrous drugs, elected murderous dictators and, even in frivolity, picked the wrong singer on "American Idol."

People have developed a perverted sense that being in the majority means they are on the right side of an issue. It is a fatal flaw in American thinking to believe that conservatives now must compromise with Obama. Compromise is something one engages in when ordering a pizza.

Regardless of Obama's majority, abortion is murder; contraceptives and phones paid with tax dollars are shameful; spending money one does not have is immoral, and circumventing the Constitution to further personal ideology is contemptuous. I no more want my representatives to compromise with liberals than I want the pilot of the aircraft I am flying in to compromise his flight plans with input from the passengers. The conservative values of self-determination, God, minimal government, hard work, and low taxes are the seeds that built America, and must never be compromised.

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    I am a conservative, and I believe we should not. If we never win another election, and the country goes down the tubes, then all of Western civilization is in danger. But freedom will rise somewhere and sometime else, and they will need our example and ideas.

    Plus, if people stick to their principles, tune out the beltway propaganda and explain - unapologetically - what they believe in, we can prevail.

    Obama didn't deserve to win last November, but the Republicans deserved to lose. they nominated the ONLY guy to enact Obamacare in his home state, and call it "an example for the nation to follow" in his autobiography/campaign manifesto. Then, I believe, he cut that passage from a subsequent edition of the book, and denied it in a live debate with his primary challengers.

    With that kind of slipperiness, the only reason he got anything over 40% of the vote is because Obama was such a disaster.

    We lost because we ran from our principles, and did not embrace or explain them.

    Keep up the fight!

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    I think you lacking the factor. The intent term used to be 4 years is given that of the corruption. 2d time period must not even exist, or if it does, rare president deserves it. The purpose that we see last a couple of presidents had been elected to 2 phrases, considering the fact that folks had it too just right and forgot concerning the time period difficulty. And i do not care Republican or Democrat, one term is just right sufficient for many presidents, then they will have to be long past. Would not you compromise if Bush had only one time period we all would be better of? Well, identical goes for Obama. However sure, they do have rights to have 2 phrases and he was once reelected. The top. There is nothing primarily good about any of the events. My difficulty is corrupted govt.

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    abortion is murder;

    Is it? If so, when does life begin? At conception? Then we'd better ban contraceptives. What of the mother? Are her rights negated by the potential human growing inside of her? There's no doubt that, at some point, abortion is murder. That's why it is illegal after 24 weeks at the latest (varies by state). What of cases of rape? The mother's health?

    contraceptives and phones paid with tax dollars are shameful

    You claim abortion is murder, yet you want to hinder access to birth control? People are going to have sex with or without your permission or blessing, so if you want to cut down on abortions (because they are murder, as you say) you would want contraceptives to be readily available. The Obamaphones (which started as a program under Reagan, by the way) are not paid for by tax dollars directly, instead, telecommunications companies are incentivized to provide low-cost phones to people who need them -- the poor and elderly.

    spending money one does not have is immoral

    What about everyone using credit cards? The entire country? Debt is something that everyone deals with, and all countries deal with. Certainly there are exceptions, yes. What about in times of war? For example, in WWII we racked up a huge debt fighting Japan and Germany, is that "immoral" as you claim?

    and circumventing the Constitution to further personal ideology is contemptuous

    Well, no doubt, but please point to anywhere where anyone is circumventing the Constitution.

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    8 years ago

    While as a Conservative citizen I have no intention of compromising I question whether or not I can count on my elected representatives to stick to the parties principles or will they do what benefits them instead ?

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    Again with the compromise?

    Yeah, stick to your values and don't compromise them, and do all that some place where it doesn't bother the rest of us trying to conduct a democracy please. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Claims that State based gun control is against the Constitution is just more Con and NRA lies.

    Source(s): They are in fact specifically left to the States by the 10th Amendment.
  • 8 years ago

    Thank you for that mindless rant. I needed that.

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