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因為美國這邊有些事情無法在60天的grace period內處理完畢,




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    The answer is yes.

    Even your wife has not committed anything illegal, her prolonged stay in the U.S. (by F-2 status) will be her biggest obstacle. CBP may see that as an abuse of visa-free travel and blacklist your wife.

    What your wife should do is:

    1. Apply for change of status in the U.S. via USCIS (F-2 > B1/B2); or

    2. Apply an actual B1/B2 visa at AIT - in this case, AIT can focus on the exact reason and determine.

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    It depends on how much you can prove your intend.

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    F1的配偶已經回國了嗎? If yes, 應該實話實說要辦啥事 準備好要辦事可以提出的證明如果海關問時可以提出 應該不會要拒絕入境, If no 更不會有被拒的問題 應該是她在入關時自己應對的真實與坦誠是關鍵

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