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How to convert mountain bike to road bike?

I have an Optima Stealth Alloy Mountain Bike and I have to be honest, I don't know much about bicycles. Basically, what are my options? I know I should get a pair of slick tires (26 - 1.5"), but is there anything else I should consider? If I changed my wheels to get 700cc, would I have to change the frame and is it costly? I would probably shop at Evan Cycles or Halfords. I look forward to receive resourceful recommendations and suggestions from you.

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    You can't change the wheels to 700c. Forget about that option. It doesn't exist.

    I had a mountain bike and put 26x1.5 slicks on it. I rode that bike for thousands of miles on the road before I bought a real road bike. First, get tires with a max pressure at least 80 psi. I once bought a set with a max pressure of 65 psi and didn't like the way they rode -- too squishy. Tread pattern makes no difference on the road or on smooth paths.


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    Replacing the tires will make it a bit more street friendly but just a bit. Still will not be a road bike. It is not possible to put 700c wheels on the the mountain bike. Different size and width and the brakes will not align. The geometry of the MTB is not right for speed and long rides. A road bike will weight about half and have gears more suitable for speed.

    Buying online is a good option only if you know a lot, not for you. Visit your Local Bike Shops to find a suitable road bike.

  • Mark
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    The tyres will make the most difference. Get file-tread tyres, not slicks.

    Don't bother changing the wheels.

    Maybe get a tri-bar so you can "tuck" for speed, but if you really want to go fast, get a road bike.

    If your choice is really only Evans or Halfords (Cant you shop online? Wiggle or St Johns Cycles or something?) then go to Evans, by far the better of the two.

    NB your post shows as originating in the USA. mentioning Evans and Halfords demonstrates this not to be true. You might like to edit your profile.

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    Yeah rather then skinnyish tires [26x1.5], and bar ends, both of which can be inexpensive, i wouldn;t do something at least do this first and notice how significantly better it is the leisure of it's - unimaginable simply shifters, and changing handlebars and brakes [yes you have to ] would be $500 as a minimum then you definately still end up with a bike that's lower than what it is now nobody would want a frankencrap like that to not point out in the event you also need to put 700c wheels on it one more $300+ but definitely it;s a pleasant notion spend $800 you would get a superior avenue bike for that and nonetheless have your mt bike but that isn;t the factor wle

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  • John M
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    7 years ago

    Go buy a road bike and not at Halfords. Anything more then changing tires is a waste of money.

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    do get the 1.5 slicks

    it is cheap

    no you cannot put 700c wheels on it

    put the handlebars low so you can get out of the wind

    that is about all

    "change the frame'' - that isn;t done


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Get a whole new bike.

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