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Adobe Illustrator - Making changes to multiple objects at once?

So I do animations for my games in illustrator. The problem is, if I want to make a change to a character, I have to change every single frame. Is there a way that I can duplicate an object, (for example, a simple circle object) and then every time I change one circle's color, the other one changes along with it?

It's a complex function, but it would really help me a lot if it exists.


Symbols just makes copies of something. As far as i know, those copies, once placed, can't be edited in unison.

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    Have you looked into the Symbols feature in Illustrator? It's basically like the Movie Clip feature in Flash.

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  • fu
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    3 years ago

    constantly initiate via sketching with standard kit, this is, pencil and paper. this is clever to plot issues out first, caricature numerous variations, placed your techniques jointly, then proceed to the pc. That way you have a greater suitable thought of what should be carried out, quite than merely attempting to create it from scratch in besides the fact that application you're making use of.

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  • Tony
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    7 years ago

    i am not sure if this will work in AI but what i do in my 3d program i would duplicate my object and set it to instant and whatever you change the object will change as well. but i don't know if this is a feature is in AI

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