Disneyland & California Adventures?

How is the crowd in May? I'll be going the 2nd week, it will be on a Monday & Tuesday and we are leaving Wednesday. I am also thinking of buying the 2 day 1 park tickets. Do you think it's worth it to spend a whole day at California Adventures? Should i just get the 1 day Hopper for Tuesday only and hang around LA on Monday? We probably won't be going on all the rides either due to a pregnancy.

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  • Treece
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    7 years ago
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    In my opinion CA Adventure even with all the new stuff is at best a half day park, and if someone in your group is pregnant then most of the rides will be a no-go due to that.

    You might want to look on the website and plan out exactly what you want to do at both parks, allow at least an hour for each thing (to allow for lines and walking between things) and see how many "hours" you have. Then maybe determine if a 1 day park hopper will be enough. Make sure you allow time for breaks to sit and rest (again if someone is pregnant it gets tiring walking around all day) and time to eat.

    I think the crowds should be semi light considering you are going after spring breaks and before "summer" crowds start and going during the week.

    I just got back (went end of April) on a Friday and Saturday and it was crowded but not super packed. Longest line we stood in was a little over an hour for Radiator Springs Racers.

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  • 3 years ago

    DEFINATELY Disneyland! Disneyland has lots to choose for between! they have rides,video games,eating places,motels and motels close by (to no longer point out parades on vacations and specific events) . this is a lot exciting! They even have each and all the Disney characters! yet California experience park has little or no rides and from what i've got heard from maximum of my buddies who went there, does not have too lots to grant...yet the two way they are particularly close. yet i might advise Disneyland. ;)

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