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Does anyone know of any high-quality sports-style folding bikes?

I'm really interested in the folding bike phenomena, and I am becoming gradually more intent on purchasing one. I'm looking for one in which it is high-performance, high-quality, and is sport. I'm looking for an on-road bike, but will also consider on-road/off-road hybrids. Any suggestions?

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    bring $$$$$$$

    and they may be more 'take apartable' than 'instantly foldable'

    meaning it may take 30 minutes and a couple of tools

    an alternative is to have a frame coupler installed on your favorite [metal-frame] bike

    i forget who makes them


    here it is

    Bicycle Torque Coupling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎

    An S and S Coupling also known as a Bicycle Torque Coupling or BTC is a coupling which enables bicycle frames to be separated into smaller pieces, usually ...

    TERN has some interesting looking folding bikes, newish

    also, ''sports-style'' has no meaning that i know of...


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    You sound like a clean rider. if so, then you definately can forget approximately approximately all the 600cc (and bigger) 4-cylinder game-motorcycles: they are actually not suited to beginners! a sturdy first bike with sporty form may be the Kawasaki Ninja 250 or the Honda CBR250R. yet your first bike could desire to be a used bike, so as that incredibly lots counts out the Honda, because of the fact it replaced into purely presented in 2011. have you ever signed up on your "Gearing Up" direction (administered with the help of the Canada risk-free practices Council) yet? Any bike equipped with the help of the eastern vast 4 would be sturdy and final some years with ideal care.

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