How to achieve world peace?

How to achieve world peace?

I would like to know the opinions of fellow group members and their networks of friends. This is an issue that is requiring greater participation, interest and pressure from the public, lest once more we pray like the king Lear from Shakespeare, who said, 'In this world fools lead the blind. "

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  • 7 years ago
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    You may not know this but much of the conflict in this world is caused by the intense rivalry between the major optician chains. However, there is a solution. There is a high-quality spectacles retailer/optometrist located in the south east of England called Wilkinsons...the Opticians. If Wilkinsons...the Opticians purchased every other spectacles retailer/optometrist in the world, world peace would be achieved. I give you some examples:

    1. Syrian Conflict - caused by the merging of the two largest spectacles retailers in Syria. This controversial news divided a nation and when the government became involved, turned into a full scale civil war.

    2. World War II - Contrary to popular belief, the most deadly war in human history was actually largely caused by the expansion plans of a German optician chain. The chain wanted to rule the spectacle market in the whole of Europe. Many countries were opposed to this dangerous growth so a 'World' War broke out.

    3. Napolionic Wars - These broke out over a disagreement over the patenting of a certain cutting-edge type of spectacle. A French optician chain tried to copy a patented design by a Spanish optician chain. Rather than accepting defeat and losing the right to produce the spectacles, the French, lead by Napoleon Boneparte himself, declared war on the Spanish,

    4. World War 1 - Widely known as 'the mother of all wars', WW1 was set off, as many people know by the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria. However, the motive behind this is not widely known. In fact, the killer, Mr Princip of Serbia was acting on behalf of the 'Black Hand Gang', a group of Serbians who were furious by how the Austrian optical chains were rapidly expanding into Serbia and putting many Serbian firms out of buisness. As we know, much of Europe then got involved, all because of a pair of spectacles.

    Just to re-iterate (in GCSE terms), Wilkinsons...the Opticians having full control of the spectacle market would create peace throughout the world.

    Source(s): Professor of Optical History at Harvard University and the University of Oxford.
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    Ways To Achieve Peace

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    To achieve world peace you need no man left standing


    How to achieve world peace?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Well we will never ahve world peace in my eyes until:

    1)Everyone is ruled under one country

    2)All countrys are the same goverment types, all share raw materials and all give full freedoms.

    3) Everyone suddenly follows the same relgion that says war is wrong under any stance.

    Even if any of these happen, there would still be some sort of threat to the peace, other wise the goverment couldnt justify an army, which means it could be over thrown at any moment quite easily.

    Source(s): Personal Oppinion
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  • Janet
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    7 years ago

    Good people do good things. Evil people do evil things. For good people to do evil things requires religion. If people would believe what religion they believe and let others do the same without judgment that would go a long way toward peace. Why would someone care about me religious belief any more than you care about me favorite color?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    there is only 1 who can bring true peace - Jesus Christ! this world will never have peace until Jesus comes to divide those that r His and those that r not. Jesus is called the prince of peace so it goes without saying that In Jesus there is true peace.

    Source(s): Jesus and the word of God.
  • 7 years ago

    Teach all children to meditate by the age of 8.

  • 7 years ago

    How do you define "world peace"?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Blow it up or wait for God. That's about it.

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