Can you recommend me some good jazz musicians?

Not strictly jazz per se. Im already listening to Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk, John coltrane and dave brubeck. Dont recommend me those already.

Im looking for something like the sound of Sade. You know? That saxophone and piano and guitar that feels good when you ride late at night. Something like Kyle Eastwood's tune

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Im looking for something with saxophone. Im also already listening to Esperanza Spalding. Maybe something a bit "quiet storm". Sorry if i sound vague, i hope someone knows what im talking about. And no, dont recommend me kenny g. im already listening to him too. thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You said words like jazz and guitar so here goes. Check out an album called feeling free... by the greatly underated Barney Kessel. Recorded in 1969 it is related in style to your Coltranes and so on. Hard Bop, Bebop, whatever you want to call it, this album is anything but hard. B. Hutcherson's vibes float with ethereal quality and Kessel catches fire and then transmutates into something soothing, inspired by feelings the listener can surely relate to. As a side note, Mr.Elvin Jones plays drums here. He was drumming for Coltrane at the end of John's career. 'Mazing! He keeps things nice and cohesive. The song Blue Grass has a cool spontaneous sounding Bass intro. Cool cover of Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence. Elvin shines on this cut.

    If you need the SaxI would also like to put it to you that Mr. Jimmy Giuffre is perhaps the most of the overlooked Sax men of the late 50's and 60's. IT WILL REQUIRE AT LEAST TWO LISTENS, but the jimmy giuffre 3. This is a great starting point for listening to Giuffre and an album that is usually in print and commonly available. If you want a couple of guys that can tear it up then go get some Eddie Davis orJohnny Griffin. They even have an album or two together. Griff & Lock is a cool quintet outing with a lot under the hood. Bill Barron in Ted Curson's quartet was always good for the money. That stuff is a little harder to come by,but then again with the internet it shouldn't be too difficult. Forgive me for suggestinganything you have already heard, but just a few more and they are all from the same guy. the living legend Herbie Hancock. Of course there is the Head hunters album and nothing against it. That album sounds so fresh even today and is the funkiest, most hypnotic thing I have ever heard him do, but Mwandishi and Sextant are also really really cool. No guitar (well Bass guitar and an incredible one at that) on these recordings because quite frankly it isn't needed.

    Maybe this will be helpful to you. Keep listening to Jazz!

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  • 7 years ago

    Madeleine Peyroux, Christian McBride, Oliver Nelson, Gabriela Anders and Marilyn Scott are good choices.

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