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IPV4 & IPV6: Limited Access?

I've been having issues ever since I got a new router. I am unable to connect wirelessly despite my room mates being able with their laptops. When checking the status I see that it says for both IPV4 and IPV 6 have "No internet Access" Is there anyone who can shed some light on this hair pulling, screen punching, sudden tourette sydrome issue for me?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I assume your new router is wireless?

    Limited access with wireless usually means you don't have a valid IP address assigned. You need two things for a working Internet connection. 1. You need a physical connection, known as layer 1 and layer 2. 2. You need a logical connection known as layer 3.

    If you've got the limited access message that means your laptop has a working wireless connection at layers 1 and 2. What you don't have is the layer 3 connection i.e. an IP address.

    There could be a number of reasons why this is happening. I would suggest that you start by powering your PC down - shut it off completely not just hibernate it or just shut the lid. Next power down the router, pull the power cord out of it. Let the router sit unplugged for about 2 minutes. Power the router back up......wait about 2 min more. Power your PC back up.

    Learn how to use the command line command "ipconfig". You access the command line via the accessories folder on windows. When you get the c:/> prompt - enter the command "ipconfig" hit enter. In the group of stuff on the screen you want to see an IP Addess assigned to the wireless interface. When you get the limited access message the first thing you want to do is check to see if you have an IP address assigned.

    If the above trick doesn't work, then I suspect there is something wrong with your network configuration on your PC. If you take your laptop to a starbucks does it work there?

  • 4 years ago

    at the starting up, in case you get a cellular wifi card (from sprint or verizon.. and so on), the speed you get will be sluggish. it allow you to surf internet or examine emails positive, yet streaming video clips or video clips? you should run right into a touch choppiness there. it is going to offer you internet get admission to on your pc, even if it is going to fee you a lot looking on how a lot archives you prefer to receive. (I imagine plenty in case you watch from netflix). it will be a lot less severe priced in case you in reality order landline internet on your position. cellular playing cards are fairly meant for organization and are not inexpensive.

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