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Real Madrid's Jose Angel Sanchez confirms Higuain is being sold, so?

First of all, you have to thank Higuain for winning three league titles and scoring over 100 La Liga goals. He was a good Real Madrid servant.

His sale is for the best, though. For the best for him, as he can do well at another club, for the best for Real Madrid, because to be blunt, we simply need a more talented striker leading the line than Higuain.

Q2: How much of a fee can Higuain command? I guess like £20 million, but who knows.

Q3: Who should be his replacement? Some laughable rumours said Javier Hernandez. That would hurt lol, replacing a Real Madrid man, Higuain, with a sh#tt#r version of Higauin LOL. Aguero is another rumour, and a better player. I still prefer Cavani or Lewandowski. Sanchez said there would be two, though.

Q4: Benzema, Sanchez said, is staying. Good or bad news?

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    do you think so?

    if Benzema is staying, that is also great because he is also one of real's power house.

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  • He's vastly talented,but Madrid's fast paced vertical style limits his talent. He needs a team like Juventus or some Italian styled team where he can play as a pure striker while leaving the creative part to classy midfielders.He should go for between 25-30 million.

    So far there are only rumors about who's going to cover his place. Some reports claim Madrid will buy one striker others say two. Suarez, Aguero, Cavani,Falcao,and Lewandowski. Falcao and Cavani are the best suited for Madrid but considering the buyers, their current clubs are asking for way too much. Lewandowski and suarez would fit too,but lewandoski is till considering his own future and suarez is too controversial for a club trying to clean up its image. Aguero is the best option so far considering transer fee and salary.

    Benzema is staying.The reason being that he has potential. His inconsistency is the only thing troubling Madrid. If he were always performing then he would never be questioned.

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  • 7 years ago

    I'd say around 20-30 million euros sounds about right.

    As a replacement, I'd say Cavani or Aguero. I know Lewandowski tore up RM the other night, but I'm still not completely sold on him. Aguero is insane and would partner well with Benzema, but Cavani even more so, IMO. If they're buying two, why not both? Now THERE's a strikeforce.

    And, lastly, Benzema staying is good news. I feel like the guy is way underrated, he's a great CF.

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  • 7 years ago

    There's always been a lot of rumours about Hernandez, have no idea why!

    Q2. £20-£30m

    Q3. Falcao, Cavani, Aguero, Lewandowski

    Q4. Good, he's a all around great player, just needs to sort himself out, 32 goals and 15 assists last season is testament to that, and 18 goals and 18 assists this season are still great numbers, just needs to be more consistent and he could hit 45-50 goals/assists per season!

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  • Nawzat
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    7 years ago

    Higuain is pretty good against small teams, against big clubs hes overrated.

    Q2: I think 25m because he will leave from Real Madrid, I cant see Madrid selling him with a low amount of money

    Q3: Aguero is class, I like his way of playing..

    Q4: Good, Benzema is one of the best strikers, but he lack of confident...

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  • carra
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    3 years ago

    Madrid have no endurance, this is the only club that isn't supply you adequate time Sneijder gained the treble with Inter Milan after leaving actual Madrid Robben recognized in 3 champions league very final, gained the treble with Bayern after leaving actual Madrid see each and all the ineffective gamers have gained something Benzema? are you seeing the development?

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