BQs . Baby names!!<3?

Answer each question <3

1: What are some of the most unique/beautiful names you have ever heard, boys or girls.

2: If you have 10 kids what would you name them?

3: What are some preppy white girl/boy names?

4: What are some getto names? (I dont want shaquaqua ...)

Also, Aside from all those questions, I need some J, K, A, B & D names.

I will give 10pts. to who ever answers all of this <3

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  • 8 years ago
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    1. I love Daysha for a girl! sounds so beautiful and exotic. i also love Sienna and Melody is beautiful too.

    I love Kai, Ryan, Dylan and Logan for boys!

    2. 10 kids - Sienna, Janelle, Daysha, Cleo and Melody for 5 girls. Kai, Dylan, Reece, Jack and Leon for 5 boys.

    3. i dont understand this question sorry :\ popular white girls names that I know though are 'Abby, Sarah, Chloe, Courtney and Amy. my school is full of those names BORING!

    4. Sharmaniqua! ahahaha, erm Shanelle, Dynasty, Destiny etc

    J names - girls: Janelle, Jodie, Jessica/Jessie, Jordyn.

    boys: Jordan, Jayden, Jace, Jay, Jack.

    K names - girls: Kayleigh, Kaitlyn, Kacey, Kelly, Kerrie

    boys: Kai, Keiran, Kyle, Kaleb, Kaden

    A names - girls: Amber, Amy, Ava, Allie, Anastasia, Anneliese, Amethyst.

    boys: Adam, Aidan, Adrian.

    B names - girls : Bianca, Brianna, Brooke, Bree, Breeze, Brooklyn, Brogan

    boys: Bradley, Brandon, Ben.

    D names - girls: Destiny, Daysha/Dacia (theres loads of spellings!) Danielle/Daniella, Dayna.

    boys: Dylan, Dean, Daniel

  • 8 years ago

    Unique baby boy names:

    Grayson, Ryker, Kellen, Wyatt, Tate, Brody, Quentin, Colton, Gage, Kai

    Unique baby girl names:

    Amya, Perla, Kenzie, Rowan, Nia, Harper, Hadley, Tatum, Paola, Dulce

    These are all I can think about right now. And by the way I always wanted three kids. Two boys and one girl. Caiden, Jack and Amelia. And about ghetto names you can find some here:

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