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I need poem ideas? poems about childhood?? easy to recite?

i have to recite a poem for my english class and i need help. i need a poem thats about 2 minutes in length, any subject, but easy to present.

here are some ideas that i liked for a subject:

if you know of a poem where the poet is giving advice to a younger version of them, thats what im looking for..

if you know of a poem that talks about how life was simpler as a child, please let me know too

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    If you need more ideas you may go on this link

    I am stunned into silence

    at the critical moment

    when I should speak my heart

    because I cannot decipher

    the mix of emotion swirling inside.

    I am an enigma to myself–

    sailing the surface

    of a sea of thoughts and feelings

    and a depth of life

    of which I am barely aware.

    Afraid to take the plunge

    on the spot,

    I must drop anchor,

    take my own sweet time

    to put on a diving suit,

    and then ease into

    the unknown depths

    in order to know what I feel.

    Strangely, I find more courage

    to go under in stormy weather

    then in calm seas as if

    I would rather risk the hazard

    then dance with the beauty

    of what lives in my heart.

    I sense the calm sea hides

    a greater danger: a fickle mind,

    ill mannered and undisciplined,

    which can sweep you away

    on long, lonely nights

    taking trivia to new heights

    and petty concerns

    to places in the heart

    where they do not belong.

    It has taken me a lifetime

    to learn how to listen

    to my poetic heart;

    to still myself long enough

    to feel the stirrings in my soul;

    to claim the real urge

    beneath the urgency;

    and to base my life,

    not on the sweet pleasure

    found in passing whims,

    but on timeless truths

    found when you take

    the deep dive

    all the way down

    to the bottom

    of the heart.

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    Easy Poem Ideas

  • my fav poems when i was kid was by shel silverstian

    happy birthday by shel-

    So what if nobody came?

    I’ll have all the ice cream and tea,

    And I’ll laugh with myself,

    And I’ll dance with myself,

    And I’ll sing ‘Happy birthday to me!’


    The Voice By Shel-

    There is a voice inside of you

    That whispers all day long,

    “I feel that this is right for me,

    I know that this is wrong.”

    No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

    Or wise man can decide

    What’s right for you– – just listen to

    The voice that speaks inside.

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