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What are the differences between mormons and catholics?

Im catholic but have been going to a mormon church for some weeks now.

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  • Hannah
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    Catholics: Only the Bible is the word of God.

    Mormons: believe in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

    Catholics: the Catholic church was the original church founded by Jesus Christ, and always will be his church. There was never a need for any restoration or new church.

    Mormons: Christianity started falling into apostasy after the death of the Apostles, and there needed to be a restoration of the gospel. Joseph Smith was a prophet called to restore the gospel and translate the extra books of scripture that God had not yet revealed. They believe their church to be the true, restored church of Jesus Christ.

    Catholics: believe in the Trinity; God, Jesus, and the holy ghost are all the same being, he just manifests himself into those three different personages at different times.

    Mormons: believe in the Godhead; God, Jesus, and the holy ghost are three separate entities, but are one in purpose.

    Catholics: follow the Pope.

    Mormons: don't follow the Pope. But they always have a prophet in their church because they believe God still speaks to people today.

    Catholics: practice infant baptism and baptize by sprinkling

    Mormons: only believe in full-immersion baptism and will only baptize someone who is old enough to know what they are doing. You have to be at least 8 years of age to be baptized into the LDS church.

    Catholics: after death, you immediately either go to heaven or hell, or Purgatory for a period of time if you need to be cleansed of certain sins

    Mormons: after death, you go to the spirit world, either to paradise or prison. Everyone awaits resurrection there, and those in prison can learn and accept the gospel and repent of their sins. Then at the resurrection, almost everyone is assigned to a certain level or "degree of glory" in heaven (there are three different levels) based on how they lived their lives and how well the followed God. Only Satan and possibly a very small percentage of humans will go to hell/"outer darkness".

    Mormons also believe in pre-existence (before people are born, they pre-exist as spirits with God) and baptisms for the dead, while Catholics do not.

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    Catholic's trust they have priesthood authority by Peter. Mormons trust not one of the apostles exceeded the priesthood to all human beings else, and that John the Baptist and Peter, James, and John known to Joseph Smith, and different men with him, and restored the priesthood keys to Joseph Smith. that's the important distinction. there are for sure quite a few doctrinal changes between both. Mormons baptize at age 8 or older, Catholics baptize children. (Mormons trust Christ's atonement covers little young ones, so as that they don't favor to be baptized.) Mormons position self assurance in a Godhead, Catholics position self assurance in a trinity. Mormons have temples, Catholics do not. Mormons have a prophet and apostles, Catholics do not. Mormons evaluate the Bible, e book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of serious value scripture, Catholics basically have the Bible. Mormons look to gown extra modest than many Catholics... no longer helpful if that's basically because some Catholics do not keep on with Catholic teachings. Mormons do not drink alcohol, Catholics do. Mormons have bread and water for the sacrament or communion, Catholics have wafers and wine. Mormons are extra missionary oriented than Catholics. Mormons position self assurance in 3 kingdoms in heaven, and that maximum folk will bypass to at least one in each of them inspite of in the experience that they did undesirable issues or do not position self assurance in Christ. Mormons trust households and couples should be sealed jointly for eternity. Theres a lot extra, yet i do not comprehend adequate about Catholicism to inform ya.

  • Doctor
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    Mormons are led by a modern day prophet and Mormons have the priesthood and the keys that were given to Peter. The Catholics claim some of the same things, but rely on incorrect traditions.

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    Catholics believe they had the priesthood authority from the time of Christ on and was the original church of Christ.

    Mormons believe that the original church of Christ fell into apostacy, the priesthood authority was removed and then later restored thru the prophet Joseph Smith.

    That priesthood authority is the authority by which a church has the right to claim it is the church of Christ which is why this matters so much. Without that authority, you are just creating your own church based on your own interpretations.

    Mormons believe there is still a prophet of God on the Earth with all the priesthood keys and authority as the prophets of old.

    Catholics believe that the pope has that similar type of authority.

    Catholics believe in the trinity. Mormons do not, but believe they are 3 separate being, one in purpose and authority.

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  • ?
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    Basic differences:

    Catholics: believe that God is 1 individual but 3 separate expressions (trinity)

    Mormons: believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost as 3 separate individuals that are perfectly united in purpose (Godhead)

    Catholics: Believe that babies MUST be baptized to go to heaven

    Mormons: Believe that babies and children are Innocent from sin, and don't need to be baptized until they are accountable for their actions.

    Catholics: Don't use the Book of Mormon as part of their Cannon with the Bible

    Mormons: use the Book of Mormon as part of their Cannon with the Bible

    I could go on but whatever. Ultimately both believe that Jesus is the Christ, who is the only way we can be cleansed from sin.

  • Elsie
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    Aside from the differences Cadisney stated:

    Both believe covenants are important for salvation, but their doctrines concerning covenants and salvation are different. Catholics believe in infant baptism and sprinkle those being baptized with water. Mormons believe a child must be at least eight-years-old and believe one must be completely covered in water.

    The Catholic Church teaches that Hell is a permanent place, and they also believe in Purgatory and one Heaven. Mormons believe that there are different kinds of salvation made possible by Jesus Christ, the two major ones being 1)Salvation from Death which we have all received and because we choose to follow God's Plan and come to earth anyone ever born will go to one of three Heavens. 2) The second salvation Mormons believe in is the Salvation of Exaltation, in order to receive this we must repent of our sins and be baptized and we must keep our baptismal covenants, continue to repent and endure to the end. If we do those things we will receive exaltation and will dwell with God.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Mormons do not subscribe to the entire Niceen Creed. They have more scripture, recently written. Catholic beliefs are publicly available for all to read

  • 7 years ago

    I understand the superior claim to authority that the Church of Rome has. Martin Luther, Henry VIII and Joseph Smith never met Christ in person but St Peter did, so there´s no argument there.

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    If it isn't Catholicism or Greek Orthodox Christianity, it had better be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    If Catholicism is wrong, then so are the Protestant Churches. If it is right, then the Protestant churches formed through heresy.

    LDS: Authority has been restored. Cath: Authority has endured.

    LDS: Jesus Christ is the son of God. Cath: Jesus is God, sort of.

    LDS: The resurrection is physical and permanent. Cath: You'd know better than I.

    LDS: Jesus is our intercessor with God. Cath: Mary is our intercessor with Jesus/God.

    LDS: Mary is the mother of the son of God. Cath: Mary is the mother of God.

    LDS: Prophets who receive revelations and instructions. Cath: Popes who intuit the will of God.

    LDS: Many people have seen the resurrected Christ. Cath: Nobody knows what Christ looks like.

    LDS: Rev. 14:6 has been fulfilled. Cath: Generally ignore that scripture, like the Protestants.

    LDS: Biblical monolatrism. Cath: Trinity. (The concept of the Trinity developed in the late 2nd century AD and wasn't accepted immediately.) Jesus said that the father is greater than he, and the Holy Ghost was somebody (or some office) that Jesus could command.

    Father > Christ > Holy spirit.

    LDS: Sacred ordinances. Cath: Sacraments.

    LDS: Plain and modest places of weekly worship: Cath: Places filled with gold and silver (some of them).

    LDS: Baptize by immersion for the remission of sins, in similitude of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

    Cath: Cast aspersions on little babies. (Original Sin)

    LDS: Divinization, just like the apostolic fathers and the New Testament teach.

    Cath: You'd know better than I -- some limited theosis? Angels?

    LDS: Baptisms by proxy on behalf of the dead, as St. Paul pointed out.

    Cath: Nada.

    LDS: Foundation of apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ as the chief corner stone.

    Cath: Foundation is St. Peter, supposedly.

    I'd really rather find common ground, though. The Catholics at least remember that we're supposed to try to obey Christ and keep his commandments, and that's more than some churches can do.

  • Here are the main differences.

    1. We do not have saints.

    2. We do not believe in the trinity instead we believe in three seperate being united perfectly in cause and purpose.

    3. We do not do infant baptism

    4. We have no celibate religous leaders our religous leaders are called to the position and are not paid a cent.

    Source(s): Mormon (Christian)
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