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Sword art online opinions?

I rewlly enjoyed it the first half was better. I felt it gave a whole bunch of strings you could pull if u know what I mean. Like a whole bunch of possible side stories tha could go anywhere u wanted them to just thought nk about it. The completely free world with all those hints at a greater world. Like that assasins thing laughing coffin. It never really went in to them bu it put it out there for us to make our own conjucture on

The second half was more a story being told which isn't bad just not great like the beginning

Plus asuna retrograde from a powerful woman to a damsel in distress.

There is no longer any psychological questions.

I just wanted others opinins

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    Sword Art Online in general was a great and one of a kind anime. The first half was by far more superior to the second.

    The first half was awesome due to Kirito being a bad ***. He was literally the strongest person on the server as he forced Kayaba Akihiko to use in game assist. Kirito getting the chick and being a boss is what drew us in.

    The second part was more of a slap in the face to wake him up. The girl he had spent three years with was still in coma. And then she's spotted in another game which forces him to instantly overcome his fear of the VRMMO world and go save his chikita.

    I liked both halves a lot, my only problem was with the last episide. It should have been a 24 episode anime not 25 with Kirita and Asuna's kiss as the last scene.

    Source(s): My opinion and I've seen tonz of anime :)
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    SAO has love-hate thing, but some people like orhate it for some reasons. Here are the pros and cons.



    2.The fight scenes were pretty good and interesting.

    3. Definitely had the feel of the online game.

    4. First three episodes really shows the seriousness of the situation.

    Cons (This is just critque. Please don't rage)

    1. Kirito's character. His character was good for the first three episode, but after that he turned into a gary stu. He becomes the most powerful that nobody could defeat him, except one character but that's for a different reason. He's also known to get his own harem, that's not focused into the plot.

    2. Asuna. This is biased, but Asuna went into character derailment. She went from quiet and mysterious into a tsundere that falls head over heels for Kirito.

    3. Side characters. You see a side character one time, and they'll pretty much be thrown into the trash can. I guess Kirito is the only important character.

    4. Laughing coffin was never mentioned again after SAO

    5. Yui. She's only a plot device in the story and taking her out of the show wouldn't hurt the show that much except for the 'immortal object' part.

    5. Kayaba. What's his reasoning for trapping people in the game and killing them. His answer "I don't remember." Really!? That's lazy writing!

    6.Kirito vs. final boss. No explanation for how Asuna could have move to save Kirito? No. Just the power of love I guess. How did Kirito revive? The revive item he gave to Klein was never mentioned, so that can't be it.

    ALO has a lot more flaws, but I just want to point out one.

    Kirito confronts the one-dimensional villian of season two and says villian of season 1 was better than him. Let's see... this bad guy is doing perverted things to Asuna, and that's worse than the guy that killed over 2000 people!? Does Kirito even care about Sachi anymore!?

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