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iris asked in PetsDogs · 7 years ago

My husky puppy is nine and a half weeks old and got his second shot already. When can i take him on a walk?

So he got his second shot already (parvo shot?) and i was wondering when can i take him on a walk or to the dog park

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  • 7 years ago
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    Not until after all of his shots. The most important at this point being the parvo virus shot. The reason puppies need so many of the same shot is because there's no way to know which one will actually work. Puppies get temporary immunity from things by drinking their mother's milk, which has antibodies in it. These start to fade around the 6 week mark, but can take several more weeks to truly disappear. The problem is, the vaccines can't work until after the milk antibodies are gone. This sets your puppy up for a couple of weeks of enough milk antibody to make the vaccine not work, but not enough milk antibody to prevent an infection. So, we do our best by just giving the shot over and over, hoping that one of them hits it at just the right time when the milk antibodies have worn off.

    I know it's annoying to have this awesome new dog and all you want to do is all the things all people do with their dogs - go for a walk, go to the dog park, etc. But trust me, it is better to wait a few more weeks and a few more shots than to make your puppy suffer through parvo.

    Source(s): Veterinary medical student
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  • 7 years ago

    Usually after the 3rd shot they can be taken on walks so they are fully protected from parvo

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  • kps
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    7 years ago

    Please take him for a walk!!! You need to socialize him. He has two shots already, he should be fine with a walk. I would hold off on the dog park until he has all his shots though.

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