♥ Is it possible to start a career helping people market themselves properly on dating sites?

Two years ago I wrote a dating profile for my aunt and took some pictures of her, and helped pick out some guys I thought would be suitable for her; which resulted in her getting engaged to really nice guy she met on Match. She got literally inundated with messages after I helped her with her profile, and before I did; she was getting like 5 per week. I also rewrote my friends old POF profile and took pics of him, and his views/emails suddenly tripled and he ended up falling in love with one of the girls he met on there.

Is it possible to turn this into a career and make money out of it? Cause I notice the thing people always seem to hate about using dating sites is how you have to write something about yourself, because mostly people are uncomfortable with that and don't usually know how to market themselves and make their best traits sparkle. Could I be some kind of virtual matchmaker/self-promoter and actually get paid for it?


@Dream that's awesome ^^ haha I may have to steal that for my domain

I am considering whether to make this my main career aim, or just to focus on the one I had yesterday which is to start a repossession company (targeting super rich ruthless payment-evaders only) named Grim Repo's.

☠ "Get paid or get slayed" ☠

Update 2:

And thankyou for the stars/answers; my angel-faced internet honey's.

Update 3:

And thankyou for the stars/answers; my angel-faced internet honey's.

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    It does sound like you may have found a niche market here. However, I don't know if you can make a living doing this--I see two problems. First, how much would you charge for this service? Dating sites charge the customer for their listings, usually a monthly fee after that initial "sign up free" thing--and someone may not want to pay more for a service that allows someone else to write a profile for them. Second, on the dating sites I've seen, they usually ask you for a fairly detailed profile in the form of questions and answers--so their algorithm can match up likely candidates. The two people you helped you already knew--so writing profiles for them would be a lot easier than a stranger. You would have to get to know your customer at least as well as you know your aunt and your friend--and that means spending time with them, or having your OWN questionnaire similiar to those found on the dating sites--so how do you plan to do this part of it? You certainly can't get to know total strangers as well as you know family and friends--writing their profiles might be a bit more complicated than someone you already know.

    It's true that dating sites profiles are difficult to write--most people are not used to "selling" themselves to strangers in that way. But what those bad profiles do is make it a bit easier for a person looking for matches to weed out the ones that are unappealing. You might find a few people who are willing to pay you as well as the site to write their profile for them, but where and how are you going to build up the trust needed to write an honest, good profile if they are strangers to you?

    Other than that, why not try it?

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    There must be a market for it. Maybe contact a dating site and they could offer it as an extra service where you talk to someone who wants help with their profile. The site would be able to then show how your help improved the person's dating potential. You would need to think about how much you would charge and how long it would take you to makeover a profile.

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    Hey.... ^_^... Yes it is... I just got an idea... why not use synastry ???

    I know a few synastry sites that are kinda good ^_^

    Here is one for example >> http://www.astrowin.org/scripts/synastry_chart_pdf...

    I made a question on that too > "Using any resource available..." [can't remember the full name of the question]

    Btw if that works^ Which I could see it probably working... I want my cut l0l... :D

    Angel Face--- No way I have quite a good bit of facial hair it's part of why my face looks older then my physical age and adds to my masculine look.. Even though I'm only 18 :/

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    I like the idea actually... But idk if you would be able to make a living out of it.. Its a great idea though. I am sure there would a market willing to pay for your services. Maybe you could try starting it as a side thing, and see how it goes, and if it does well, you can switch over.

    Good Luck!

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  • Hmmm... I don't know how you'd go about doing this, but it seems like it may be a great idea. I'll ponder on this for a while and I will bless you with my thoughts.

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    I laughed more than I needed to at Grim Repo's it's so clever :) yw!

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