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Why does everyone hate scorpios?

Looking through the horoscope section on yahoo, I can't help but notice not very many people like scorpios.

If you are someone who hates scorpios, please explain why. I'm really curious! (:


I'm not saying people I meet in person hate scorpios. It's safe to say unless it's someone we know well enough, we probably don't even know their sign.

As for "it's all made up so why does it matter" I think astrology is fun. It's interesting, and I actually see a lot of my self in my sign. If it's a coincidence or not, I don't really care. I still think it's fun. (:

All the signs do get hated on. I just feel like whenever I look through questions to answer, people always say scorpios are evil, sneaky, selfish, vengeful, etc. Maybe I'm just not looking through all the questions, though. (:

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    Scorpios take things to extremes, when they voice an opinion it is not hard to tell that they are very forceful people and will not hear differing opinions they are intensely stubborn, their views are unlikely to change and if you disagree with them they often dismiss you as moronic, I am a libra who Absolutely loves scorpios and am in fact quite envious of them, scorpios have tremendous power that they will use to either raise themselves to paradise or pound themselves into the depths of Hell, such intensity can sometimes be too much for people who lack depth

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    I'm an Aries and have found that Scorpios and Aries just don't mix. I personally hate Scorpio's. Always so controlling, they are literally in the control room controlling you and they usually pay no mind to your feelings so their control is based on their own selfish opportunities and they thrive upon Aries sadness its really pretty terrible :( at least for the guys some of the girl Scorpios I know are a little better but for the most part sheesh! What's wrong with them :/ I will never understand Scorpio's. But anyways, your sign never fully describes a person its just an aspect of your life... But if your a Scorpio O_O I feel pretty bad for u that'd really suck to be a Scorpio. Some people find that its the other way around and that Aries are the selfish ones but Aries is selfish in an entirely different way... They're selfish but actually care for others feelings. Usually people that feel Aries are selfish are the ones with low self esteem. It kinda sucks :/

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    I Hate Scorpios

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    I don't hate Scorpios, although that might have to do with the fact that I am one myself. I actually find that there are positive and negative Scorpios. There are three stages that Scorpios will go through; the grey lizard, the eagle, and the scorpion. The Scorpion is more typical to our nature, which I don't think I need to explain. There is the Grey Lizard stage, which is when the Scorpio is grumpy, negative, sadistic, angry, vengeful, and many other negative traits. There is then the Eagle stage, which is when the scorpio soars above and displays traits like wisdom, empathy, care, forgiveness, etc.

    Right now I think I am in the Eagle stage, and I hope to stay that way.

    Anyway, I've known many Scorpios including myself. One of my best friends is a Scorpio and we connect really well. I've met some really fun, hard-to-hate Scorpios, while I have met some nasty ones. There is no such thing as a neutral Scorpio, if you haven't noticed already.

    Many people don't like them because this sign is rather complex and hard to understand often. Another reason is because they don't change themselves to impress you or get you to like them. They simply are what they are, and if you don't like what they are they couldn't care less. Really, all a Scorpio wants from someone is respect, understanding, and loyalty.

    I wish there weren't so many people that hated us. I try to be nice to them, and then they just hate me anyway. That's when I turn not so nice.... then you will see my bad side.

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    I'm a scorpio, and I see it. We are attractive (if not looks it's more of an ora attraction)

    We're intuitive people watcher's,(water sign trait)

    and we tend to stick out. This can lead to negative habits...

    Some (like myself)

    will have internal conflict on how to be a better person etc. but disliking our environment so much. While watching others we see real intent and it pretty much hurts, or disturbs us so we can get malicious.

    We're so complex with the thinking...

    For example, knowing beforehand I'm going to have to explain something like a minor situation that we understand well, to someone that has no clue, takes a lot, because we have detail oriented thoughts it's overwhelming to the other person and we sense that. When someone proceeds to ask, scorpios already knowing their span of interest or knowledge will have pre-evaluated whether or not it's worth the effort... So I normally would began to dismiss the topic as if "I don't know." Especially if it leads to secrets getting unraveled.

    This causes a lot of strife in parental/romantic/peer relationships, we try to balance our deep **** with the world that's so "get straight to the point," but when we get straight to the point, other's get hurt...

    Our hardest times are usually throughout adolescence, because well need I explain?

    It truly takes one on one with scorpios. The vibe a group of people bring on when there's no former foundation can make us defensive... Which is hard in public schools so maybe that's the issue with most... again with the internal conflict of not showing our "defense" in the undesirable environment. This causes me to want to be around people so badly and soon resenting them because interacting is so difficult... All in all amongst the people watching we only have interest in those who seem real, challenge us or have potential, otherwise we just dismiss.

    We get hurt too often, making us dark. We place people we care about on pedestals, then they act human and we retaliate or shut down.

    Our phases in life are exaggerated too... Like pure streaks of whatever 'tangent' we're hitting .

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    Are you just looking at Scorpio questions? Because all signs get hated on.

    Im a Scorpio and I dont feel hated. What's there to hate? I also do not hate other Scorpios. I find other Scorpios to be friendly. But I have gotten into two physical fights with Scorpio females. And then there was this other one who wanted to "kill" me. Yeah, okay... I was sooo scared, lol

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    I'm pretty intrigued with everybody's input for this question. All of the signs do get hated on, but I do notice more Scorpio hate when I look through the horoscope section as well... at least a couple of years ago, when I was on here more.

    Honestly, my favorite sign is Scorpio; I'm not applying this interest to those I know in real life, but I find the sign's traits to be very complex. They're intense and mysterious, it's sexy. Haha.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Why does everyone hate scorpios?

    Looking through the horoscope section on yahoo, I can't help but notice not very many people like scorpios.

    If you are someone who hates scorpios, please explain why. I'm really curious! (:

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    I'm an Aquarius. And I'm very, very deep and intuitive. Highly analytical. At age eight years old, I sensed I was going to full on hate my aunt. She's a Scorpio. It was a gut feeling. I had it with my dad's bítch too. I got her toothbrush and scrubbed the toilet with it, after I keyed her car and smashed her window, and popped her tires

    . ~Aquarius ~

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    I am a Scorpio women♥ and people don't hate me.They acually love me for my Loyalty, honesty and i love to help my friends with anything they need they know i will always be there for them but i still don't trust them on always being there for me because i am a Scorpio and i don't trust people ;)

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