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Is there any Hindu temples in Bangi, Malaysia?

I am planning to live in Bangi, Malaysia but got really upset when I didn't find any hindu temples there. If any of you know any hindu temples there, please share. I'd be so grateful.

Anastasia, Russia

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  • b bus
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    7 years ago
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    There might be some smaller temples in Bangi. Around it the most known temple is Sri Mahamariamman Temple which is in Kuala Lumpur (close to Bangi).

    Malaysia is an Islamic country, and in any Islamic country Hindus & Buddhists (kafirs) are considered to be second class citizens with limited rights.

    For example, In 1998 then Deputy Prime Minister threatened to stop all Hindu temples in Penang from ringing the bells. Late 2012 saw a Hindu altar in a home in Sepang being destroyed by the Sepang Municipal Council. Recently, the Sri Mahamariamman temple was served a warning notice for bell ringing and conducting religious activities after 6.30pm.

    @ Anastasia: Look at the level of radicalism amongst these guys - the answerer 'Infinite' calls me a moron just for the reason that I stated some facts with proof which he couldn't digest. Truth is bitter for some. Just check google to find out yourself that Hindus, Hindu temples and their sympathizers keep getting persecuted/ attacked by radical ones of Malay people.

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  • 4 years ago

    Which ever Temple just isn't permitting this may increasingly have a few of their own restrictions carried out by means of very arrogant guys and ladies absolutely it was men who made this rule. In the course of the lime mild of kali yuga, monks failed to even let scale down caste Hindus into the temples which used to be the reason of India paying for his or her Karma over these years. And some of these practises could nonetheless be in play in todays world. For my part i've now not heard of this and specified types of humans now not being let into temples. If that is so to those targeted and Iam definite it is a very small segment of temples then recognize one will have to then exhibit the guys who made these rules to get with the new Age and let humans in. Lets all keep in mind Hinduism Dharma is common each person and anyone can worship Hindu Gods and Goddess's. I feel as we enter this new Scientific age and into Dwarpara Yuga as soon as again the arena will become extra non secular and we wont have many of these ancient age disorders no longer much as prior. Everyone will lean again in the direction of God effectively on this age so everybody can be competent to worship when ever the place ever they shall need.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The incident with the bell was so intolerant. I use to live near a temple and there's no problem when the bell rang loudly. Malaysia has a lot of Hindu temples and the biggest one is in Batu Cave. A good choice to live. Bangi is an urbanized area. You can see a lot of foreigners.

    Sorry if you're offended. Okay, I admit, it's true and stupid. But not all Muslims are like that. Some malays can be racist but not all of them. & Their radical-ness are not too extreme. They will not blow up non-Muslims' worship places. If temple/churches are demolished, blame the corrupt government. They're f*cking racist. The fate of non-Muslims will change if the opposition won in yesterday general election but they didn't. The current government is full of crap. Some malaysians are moron for not voting the opposition.

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