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In what ways has the world changed for the worse?

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    The world's bad changes cannot be owed to one person but the following:

    1) USA with the help of the E.U, becoming a global bully. why cant they just mind their own business? I mean, half the problems would have been solved if instead of targeting all the muslims and muslim countries they just concentrate on those terrorists. We should not forget that the so called taliban, al- qaeda and other mujahideens were made by pakistani ISI and the americans during the soviet Afghan war.

    2)Prevelance of terrorists who are waiting to be strike second so as to deem it as revenge. Sorry to say, but they are morons.

    3) Next are the set of assholes called politicians in India and many parts of the world who are filling their never ending pockets with hell lot of money with corruption, greed and in turn, treason.

    $)Kim Jong Un, well, he is a small reason cause he wont do anything. If North Korea wants to make nuclear weapons, the can as they are not signatory to the Non Poliferation deal. So, U.N sanctions on them a little too way off hand. They wont attack U.S, Japan or South Korea, as they know they ll lose the war. U.N sanctions are just a cieling for developing countries to develop economically and militarily, which the superpowers think is a threat to their own personal interests. Every country in this world should be allowed to decide itself what they have to do for themselves without fearing others. Or else it can be called as a Global Anarchy.

    As of now, That is all i have to say.

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    Media and music being relationship love and drama obsessed, people over identify their problems with this sort of music, is someone really moving on when their listening to music about their issues?

    In the 80's and 90's music was about enjoying life and living the moment, now majority of it is the opposite and music has a big impact on people and cultures.

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    7 years ago

    The emotional aspect of human life. No one seems to care, really. Even a shoulder to cry on comes at a cost. Some few specimens of this endangered species (The emotional ones) are cruelly termed as 'sentimental fools'.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Music has gotten worse, and everything (movies, TV, etc) is so sexual or violent now! I would have liked to see the days where everything was a little more innocent :(

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    The continues existence of religion and the presence of the words "in god we trust" still being printed on U.S currency, the pledge of allegiance still saying one nation under God and any American patriotism thing involving the nonexistent deity known as god

  • I've noticed that people have an "all about me" attitude. It's not a good thing, because we all need to have a little give and take to make a society work.

  • 7 years ago

    we have become the ME generation. at least in the states. courtesy is gone. kindness is gone. having to own the latest, greatest prevails. its just not a society that i wish to live in much longer.

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    I am really sick and tired of the all the politically correctness

    who cares if you hurt someones feelings as long as they know how I feel

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    Well, Kim Jong Un was born, and that's pretty bad.

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