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職能治療 英翻中

More IT patients than ST patients had better 2-yr outcomes, according to a composite index based on the absence of hospital admission, a major or minor psychotic episode, persistent psychotic symptoms, a suicide attempt, or poor compliance with treatment.

這段文中的the absence of hospital admission

和 2-yr outcomes應該如何翻成中文?


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    根據基於包括: 1.並無住院記錄, 2.曾有主要或次要的精神疾病

    發作事件, 3.持續性的精神疾病症狀, 4.自殺企圖, 5.對治療不順從,等5項的評估所得到的一個綜合指標看來,較多統合治療的病患比語言治療的病患,兩年治療成果來的還要好.

    IT: integrated (re-habitation) therapy

    ST: speech therapy

    the absence of hospital admission: 無住院記錄

    2-yr outcomes:2年的治療結果 成效 預後

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