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    Kaohsiung, Taiwan Sugar Factory, also known as the bridgehead sugar mills, bridge head sugar Aberdeen, Aberdeen head, formerly known as bridge sugar the Taiwan Sugar Company, the original part. The first factory was established in 1902 as Taiwan's first modern mechanical sugar factory, the daily sugarcane crushing capacity of 1,000 tonnes; second factory was established in 1908, daily sugarcane crushing capacity of 1,000 tonnes. First, second workshop merged in 1958. Merger the bridgehead sugar Siaogang sugar factory on July 1, 1966 Kaohsiung Plant. Kaohsiung Plant in 1975 changed its name to the Kaohsiung sugar.

    September 2002 period, Kaohsiung County Bulletin for the county historic site, has sugar refinery, Japanese-style wooden, air-raid shelter, red brick towers former Antiquities preserved. Sugar factory transformed into a leisure and tourism industry, factory renovation Taiwan Sugar Museum, and the presence of a number of artists, works and sugar mills scene blend. The sugar mills Holiday also with sightseeing fifth of earners car and finish at Kaohsiung Flower Farm Center.

    Taiwan Sugar Museum by Taiwan Sugar Corporation Kaohsiung District management, including the Qishan sugar mills, Kaohsiung operating at Regional the Kaohsiung District at area.

    The existing bridge Tsai head sugar is divided into two plants, one for raw sugar factory Administrative Region, Taiwan Sugar Museum, another part of the open area of the ice cream and art creation area is now refurbishing.

    Taiwan Sugar railway, Jane so-called sugar iron, place, or one-fifth car, the fifth of earners car is built to meet the needs of Taiwan Sugar dedicated rail. Usually to transport the raw materials, but also for the carriage of passengers, who has one of the main traffic. The route commonly used 762 mm gauge, but there are a few sections of 762 mm and 1067 mm universal three-track design.

    Source(s): 自己嘔心瀝血之創作
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