There are 4 different types of ink cartridges. Which color is associated w/the printer ink color?

So, I want to use a light or lime green color for font, but which printer cartridge color is that font color associated with? Is it associated with Magenta, Yellow, or Cyan (which is like a blue-ish color)?

Same question with like a reddish-orange color?

Pretty much, what font colors are associated with the printer cartridge color, Yellow?

Just curious to know what colors go with yellow 'cause I'm low on everything except for that specific color. My yellow ink cartridge is completely full. And the actual Yellow color is to bright to see, so that's why I don't want to use the color Yellow in my font.


Sorry, but I do NOT want to use dark colors 'cause I do NOT want those ink colors to go dead on me where I CANNOT print anything out. I usually use Black ink, but I'm Low on it so I don't want it to run out on me.

My yellow ink cartridge is COMPLETELY FULL. That's why I want use colors associated with Yellow. Red is most likely associated with Magenta, and Blue is associated with Cyan.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You can use Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple colors for your Font.

    I tried this all colors for my document's font colors, its looks good.

    Take fonts in documents with combination of different colors. so it looks great.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): 1st office
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