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Logic. Use first eight rules of interference?

Use the first eight rules of interference to derive the conclusions to the following argument

1)~H >[~T> R]

Hv [E> F]


~H*D /RvF

2)[MvN] > [F> G]



DvF /BvG

3)[J> K] *[~O>~P]

[L> J] * [~M>~O]


~K * J /~P

4)[PvS] > [E> F]

[PvT] > [G> H]

[PvU] > [EvG]

P / FvH

I got really stuck on these and could use some help

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    anna, i is not kowing which is first 8? so i guess only by hunching

    1. ~H >[~T> R]

    2. Hv [E> F]

    3. ~TvE

    4. ~H*D /RvF

    5. ~H 4, Simp

    6. ~T>R 1,5, MP

    7. E>F 2,5, DS

    8. [~T> R] * [E> F] 6,7, Conj

    9. R v F 3,8, CD

    tells me if i guessing luckier, or is a ways off tracks, most please.

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