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How do i take an SAT or ACT with a GED @ age 22?

I want to go to college but my choices are limited to private schools like daymar & ITT technical college since I only have my GED and never attended one year of high-school. So I want to go to a state university but I have no hope of getting accepted with just a GED to my name so how do I go about studying for an SAT OR ACT and how do I take one out of school? I'm in Kentucky if that helps.

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    First, decide which test you want to take. The SAT is Critical Reasoning/Reading, Math, English and an Essay section. If you take the ACT, you'll have these, but will also need to study for Science. You can register for either online:

    for the SAT:

    for the ACT:

    You can purchase SAT or ACT study guides. I would suggest giving yourself a couple of months to study prior to taking the test. So, perhaps you could write the September test, and apply to Universities in December for Sept 2014 admission.

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    Do not go to those private schools like ITT tech. They are an absolute ripoff. Just because you have GE, does not mean you will be automatically denied. I would recommend seeking out an accredited community college so that you can do your general education, and then transfer to a four year university.

    For the ACT or SAT, you just have to register on their website and pick a convenient location. You may not even need to take it, because most community colleges and universities have entrance exams that they use for people who never took these tests. I would research schools that you want to go to and make some phone calls to find out what you exactly need to do.

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    Anyone can take the SAT. Go onto the College Board website to register for it. There are plenty of study guides published for it.

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    do not go to any of the for profit schools they take your money for not much education. Try some of the links on this site and good luck. You CAN go to school with a GED.

    Keep in mind that as others have said - you can just sign up and take the tests - the link I have given you can help answer any questions and offer suggestions on what might work best for you. When you have to pay as much as you do for taking tests - good to make sure you are getting what you need to meet your goals - the folks at that link can help you figure it out.

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