Are there any cool styles of hats to wear with a Boy Scout Uniform? 10 pts!!?

I am open to any suggestions that fit the following 3 categories:

1. Has to look badass preferably military inspired but anything is acceptable.

2. Cannot be a beret, there is a rival troop that already uses a red beret and any color beret would seem like copying.

3. Has to look good on 12 year olds. There are a handful of 12 year olds in our troop and as we march at summer camp they need to look just as badass on the little guys as on the 18 year olds.

For those not familiar with scouts the colors are khaki and dark green. There used to be red but it has slowly been moved out. Any help is good 10 Pts best answer and links to stores with the hats are encouraged.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hello Ray:

    The classic brimmed hat, seen here, , is a good practical hat that also looks sharp, and can be a signature hat for your troop. To add flair, pin the side up in the style of an Australian 'slouch' hat (aka "boonie hat").

    You can purchase them from BSA supply, or find a similar hat from your local surplus store or retailer. Be sure to get a hat that can be purchased again, when new boys join the troop.

    Your toughest job will be selling the hat to all the members of the troop. It is difficult to get everyone on board with the same design, as personal tastes make choosing one style difficult, so you must 'sell' the style of hat with enthusiasm, and get the majority to approve.

    keep on Scoutin'

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