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Why won't my laptop charger charge my NEW battery?

The other day my laptop stopped working so we brought it in to the store, and the computer guy said it was my battery, and not my charger. We plugged my charger into the same laptop they had at the store and it worked fine, but then we put it in mine and it didn't. So we put a new battery in the laptop and then it turned on and started working again. Anyways now that i have my new battery my charger won't charge my laptop? Why is this happening? Anyone have any idea whats going on?

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    Hi Darren,

    I would suggest you to perform flea power on the system. Remove the power cable and the battery. Hold the power button down for 15-20 seconds and then put the battery and the adapter back in and start the computer. Check if it works.

    Try charging the battery with the laptop turned off. Check the AC adapter and system power port for damage.

    Connect the AC adapter to a known good power outlet and check the status of power LED on AC Adaptor without being plugged into the laptop.

    If LED is blinking, ensure that the AC power cord is correctly installed.

    If LED on the AC Adapter goes off after connecting to notebook, you might have to replace motherboard or DC port in.

    You may refer to the link for more information on battery not charging issues:

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards

    Priyanka S

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    I used to be a technician and I saw this symptom all of the time. It is neither the battery nor the charger itself. It is actually the DC port (where you plug the charger into the laptop). If you look in the port, my guess is the pin(s) are either bent or missing. The good news is that it's usually replaceable, at around $50-$70 for the part. The "bad" news is it takes a good couple of hours to disassemble, swap the parts, and then reassemble the laptop. If you have a shop do it, they will charge you for the labor ( which can get pricey). If I were you, I'd go back to them, tell them that you think it is the charging port and tell them that you'll pay the cost of the new part but they should install it for free since they misdiagnosed and now you're stuck with a (new) battery that you didn't really need.

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    I had the identical concern a few weeks ago with my possess computing device. I can not inform you what the hindrance is for definite on the grounds that I wouldn't have the same as you, however I ordered a new charger and the trouble was once utterly solved. I'd try that first before anything else.

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    Try another power source and plug the charge to charge the laptop. I guess there is some fault in the plug point.

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    The only logical explanation is either the battery is faulty or they misdiagnosed and its the charger thats faulty. Either way go back to the shop.

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    there is the possibility that both the charger & battery were bad. now also replace the charger.

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