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Is backlight bleeding normal on LED TVs?

I bought a Toshiba 50" 1080p HD LED TV. It got great reviews from multiple sites. I noticed when black scenes/colors appear in a movie for example, there are white patches all over the screen mostly at the corners and some towards the middle of the screen, breaks the immersion of movies when i watch :( ..i called PC richard from who i bought it from and they said its normal on LED tvs..are they BSing me so I dont bother returning it or you think this problem will be fixed if i replace it for another one? thanks

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    all LED and LCD will have some bleeding, there is no way around it

    some are better than others... the best are full-backlight, compared to the edge-lit, but they are more expensive

    if you want something with virtually no bleeding, your only real option is plasma

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    Backlight Bleeding

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    Corvato is correct.

    LCD panels have 'issues' with black levels so they put strips of LED lights around the edges. These sometimes 'leak' light and you only notice it in dark scenes.

    Back-lit LED televisions do not have this problem - but these are thicker and tend to be the higher-end models.

    This is something you tend to ignore after the first few days so the store is correct - it is a common side-effect of the technology.

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    That happens when they get older it can happen so there advice wasn't wrong and dead pixels are common which is what you have by the sound of it. but check the warranty because there is a Tolerance on those that is Guaranteed by the manufacturer for one they should not be in the center part of the screen and there is a maximum number of them that it should be after that is exceeded the screen is deemed faulty and should be replaced under warranty. Also they should not be visible from a certain distance. but if second hand its usually sold as seen unless covered under the aforementioned warranty.

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