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how much a web broadcasting channel & post-cast cost?

I am creating a website for someone, I met him on and we've completed 2 phases (website is complete and functional now) and he has payed me the money for it.

The next phase is to create a broadcasting channel link that will show videos from his website and a (radio like) pod-cast where people can listen live or listen any content from playlist and download it.

There will back-end of the channel where:

He can Upload the content of the TV channel.

CMS will automatically download videos from his channel on on YouTube.

He can configure the playlist of the live TV channel.

He can upload MP3 for the podcast.

Can enter just YouTube URL and it will automatically convert it to MP3 and download on the server.

Can configure the playlist of the live Radio Channel.

Can select which content should be available for downloading and which should not be.

Can see the RAM and Processor of the server, he's using for this stuff.

He can see the statistics for the TV Channel & Pod-Cast in full complex details. (with online users and daily, weekly, monthly and all time statistics).

All of it will be nice and beautiful + super user friendly.

Note: The website that I've created for him is beyond his expectations and was very easy to use (Its a little complex video blogging website in WordPress, Just live a TV channel, He's a nice guy), so, he has payed me some bonus in both phases.

He's asked me the price for all this. But I'm kind of new to this stuff and I don't know how much should I demand for it. Please tell me how much should all this stuff cost, if it is 100% user-friendly and beautiful.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    That would be between £5,000 to £100,000 per year.

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