CAN the POST MASTER block where I get my Mail AT? We have had trouble for for 7 months.?

In October last year I found out our sons wife was messing with my mail. She was trying to get me kicked out of mine and my husbands house causing all sorts of trouble.She would call the Post Office every Monday because our sons check from his Job came in the Mail on Monday. So his wife would call the post office and have the Mail to our address put on a VERBAL HOLD. Which when I called the Mail Service in Little Rock I was told can NOT be done. It has to be in writing. So I had went and got myself a Post Office Box to keep her out of my mail. Anyway our son and his wife found out I had the BOX and went to the Post Office and they were allowed to transfer their mail to my BOX without me ever even being told.I went to check my mail at the PO Box a few days later and found their mail in my BOX so I took it to the window and told the gentleman this was in my box and they do NOT get mail at my address. He said let me check, he said YES MA'm they do. I said NO I checked Individual signer only. when I Rented the BOX. He said No the Post Master Sharon had put a note on my Card to let them transfer mail to my PO Box. Per Her Request Since they were my care taker,If I did not want them getting mail at my box I had to CLOSE my box. ReRent another BOX and let them have that one. I said Excuse me WHY? Would I close my box when they added themselves to a BOX they had NO permission getting mail At. I got home and got a phone call from the POST MASTER telling me she had talked to my sons wife and she was the Only SAINE one of all of us and that she told Sharon she had POWER of ATTORNEY over my mail and was my PAYEE of my Government papers. I said NO she was NOT. Anyway I was told by this Post Master I was NOT allowed at her Post Office Ever If I came in I would be Arrested. So my husband and I drove to a town 8 mile away and rented a New Post Office Box and now the Post Master from the old address will NOT allow us to get mail at the New BOX. in the past 7 months we have put in 5 change of address forms trying to get our mail instead she is sending some to our house address. Some to our sons wifes mail box and sending alot of our mail back to sender. Can anyone tell me how we can fix this. I have called the Family Affiairs 1-800 number. I have called the Attorney General. I have even called our Postal service who sorts the mail in Little Rock Arkansas and got NO WHERE. It is bad when I had to put all our bills on paperless just to get them. But I am going in for Major Surgery in 2 weeks and my husband does not know anything about computers to get the bills off my email address. So Now I have a real mess.

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    Have you tried called the United States Postal Inspection Service (Postal Inspectors)? You can contact them at the following # 1-877-876-2455.

    Source(s): USPS employee
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    I feel your pain. You need to go see your congressman. Tell him your story. The congressman can settle it once and for all.

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