On the simpsons tapped out I cant log in to origin on my android phone but I can on my ipod any ideas?


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  • 8 years ago
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    I found your question while trying to solve my own tapped out issue. I am trying to link my friend's and my account. I can go help on his Springfield, but he can't see mine (he has an iPhone), but every time we try to link it say we are already linked, but he can never see my Springfield to come and help me (I have Android prepaid). I think there are just issues between Android and iPhone OS links within Origin. We even un-linked and re-linked with no luck.

    I was looking for a direct log in to Origin so I could link it through a real webpage instead of the app. No such luck. I think your issue may be that you are using the same origin account on both devices??? It seems to be a very picky app. :( Sorry I wish I knew more for certain.

    Source(s): Explained above. And I thought they fixed that already.
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