How can Lebanon help stop war in the middle east?

1.) What is Lebanons history in the conflict of the arab-israeli war

2.) What are some goals that Lebanon can have to help stop war

3.) What are the fears that lebanon have about war

4.)What is a solution to stop war in the middle east that lebanon can do

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    Lebanon back over 50 years ago, was a mostly "Christian" country.

    What has happened since then should be a lesson for all non muslim countries let them in and then they multiply and dominate.

    The best thing Lebanon could do is to throw out Iranian backed Hezbollah.

    But unfortunately they have maneuvered themselves into positions of power and now it can't be done.

    Israel wants peace with Lebanon, but while the radical islamists have so much influence in Lebanon, it can't happen.

    Regarding Syria.

    Syria dominated Lebanon for a long time...but with the situation there now, Lebanon just needs to try to keep out of what's going on.

    The trouble is Lebanese Shia and Sunni are interfering to support their respective sides.

    Lebanon is the proverbial "meat in the sandwich!"

  • stults
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    4 years ago

    I have felt that there will probably be a conflict with more often than not many of the Muslim countries towards Israel. I'm definite it's going to take position inside the next two years. The Muslim countries will get their conflict. I used to surprise how all this "one world executive" in the Christian prophecy would occur. Now i'm definite it will be considering the fact that out of a hatred for Israel, many international locations will unite. Those that side with Israel will likely be seen as rebels, maybe, probably a criminal offense to aspect with them. Many folks specially Christians are feeling this strongly right now. I chiefly felt a crisis about this month, and appear how Iran is voicing about nukes and america to get out of the middle east. I felt major changes would happen this month, simply no longer sure what. Israel will emerge as Israel

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    This is like asking how Poland cased WW2.

  • 7 years ago

    You cant stop war

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