Lithuania?! HELPP!!!!!!!!!???!!!!?

PLEASE HELP!!! I've searched and searched but there is no clear explanation:

How was Lithuania drawn into World War 2?

when did Lithuania join? as an offensive move or defensive? (detailed)

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    Originally Lithuania was under the brutal control of the Soviets. When the Nazis invaded Lithuania in June 1941 the citizens ere excited to be liberated from the Soviets. for the next four years everything went down hill real fast.

    Lithuania's involvement in WWII became official as soon as Hitler invaded.

    "When the German efforts against the Soviets started going badly and the Russians were pushing the front further and further towards Germany, many Lithuanian forced workers fled the Russian front. As it became clearer that the Nazis were being beaten, they fled into Germany, either through being given evacuation orders or by simply taking matters into their own hands (website in link where you can learn lots more). "

    Source(s): Here is an old video in english on the occupation of Latvia and Lithuania. Probably lots of propaganda in it but it is still very interesting.
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    Lithuania was an independent nation seized by the USSR in 1939 when, as part of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of August, a secret clause went into effect. The hidden deal was that the Soviets would intervene in eastern Poland if Germany and Poland were at war sometime after it started (I think it said three weeks?) This indeed happened, and they took Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia at the same time. When Germany attacked the USSR in summer, 1941 they invaded the seized lands since they were now the western part of the USSR...the new border having been part of the secret "Pact."

    As in other countries, some of the local population collaborated with the Nazis, and some resisted. As a separate nation, Lithuania had ceased to exist in 1939. It has been revived since the USSR crumbled in 1991.

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