What's wrong with my brand new camera's lcd screen?

You know how when you turn the camera on, the lcd comes on so you can see what your taking? Well when I turn mine on I can see everything just fine, however I can also see particles or snowyness, kind of like when a tv channel is all staticy.This is a brand new camera just received it today.I did clean the screen with some screen cleaner, but I used very little that it hardly made any effect at all.The pictures come out nice.

And don't tell me "Take it to where you bought it and have it fixed" I bought it from stoneberry.com and their halfway across the country.And I don't think I should have to pay to return it, they should pay for the returning, this is something I'm paying $11 a month for.


Again, it is not the lens, but the screen you look through.

Update 2:

Just noticed a sticker in the box "Do not return to the shop where you bought this product" :/

Update 3:

I hope I didn't damage it by cleaning the screen, I used a soft microsopic cloth designed for laptop screens and a bit of screen cleaner.The pictures come out just fine.

I just noticed my old camera has the static too.I seriously never noticed it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You got a bad camera. One of the perils of on-line ordering.

    Regardless of what the sticker on the box says, I'd try to return the camera to where you bought it. They surely have a return policy, regardless of what the box says.

    If you are in the US, you have certain rights guaranteed by the Federal Trade Commission on Mail Order Purchases (which includes on-line purchases). Unless the sale was "as-is" or "returns not accepted" you should be able to return it.

    Otherwise, you will have to send your camera to the factory repair center, where it will take months to fix, and the possibility exists that they will claim you abused it by dropping it (which is not covered under warranty), and charge you for non-warranty repairs.

    Who knows, maybe the delivery company dropped it off the back of their truck while it was on it's way to you.

    Let the place that sold you the camera take that risk. Regardless of their policy, they should not be sending you a camera that is dead on arrival.

    You need to contact them right away though as if they suspect the shipping company was at fault, or if the shipping is insured, there is a time limit for such claims.

  • keerok
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    8 years ago

    You cleaned a new camera? Static? Screen cleaner? Why?

    Do not return to the shop sticker? Smells scam all over.

    You don't like to return? Don't want to spend for shipping? It's just like driving it back to the store if it were near you. No difference only more expensive.

    What camera? The small viewfinder at the top of the camera? Might it be just your eyelashes scrubbing the screen cleaner over the tiny viewfinder? It happens.

    Noise on the image in the viewfinder? Are you in the dark? Try going out under the sun. Is it the same? Take a picture. Is there "static" in the picture? If none, you have learned Lesson #2 - Take a picture under ideal lighting conditions only.

    Lesson #1? Buy from a reputable store near you. I guess that's too late already.

  • k w
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    8 years ago

    been there , done that

    first thing to do is to contact the place where you bought it

    you need to make a complaint and you wish to get a new replacement or a refund, you do not want a refurbished one cuz they may try to get you to take one....you have not owned it long enuf to warrant accepting a refurbished one

    they'll send you an rma number, keep copies of everything, pack up up properly and return it per their instructions

    best wishes

    Source(s): what kind was it anyways?
  • 4 years ago

    Hmm it incredibly is unusual. usually i would say shade tints may desire to do alongside with your white stability settings, yet it incredibly is maybe no longer the case if it incredibly is barely on one aspect of the photograph. attempt changing your white stability to ascertain if that fixes issues. If no longer, your digicam is maybe a dud and would be lower back.

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