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? asked in Arts & HumanitiesPerforming Arts · 8 years ago

Custom mask craftsman?

Hey there, I'm looking for a custom mask of high quality, that being this one ---> I find it pretty damn awesome and even though I made my own Deadmau5 head, I want this one to be done right. It is rather simple but I dont think I could get the clean edges and the paint to look right. for another angle, look at this

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  • 8 years ago
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    Actually, I think that it is not a mask, but face paint. I noticed a lot of different expressions and the red curves on the forehead changed some. For instance look at pictures 2 and 5, they are very different faces.

    Either that or they used masks like these:

    and then painted them.

    I think you would have the ability to paint those patterns, they are not all that straight or perfect, really.

    What you can do, since it's a white blank, it to pencil in the outlines of the design, that way you can fiddle around until it looks right. You could also use masking tape to protect the outside of the lines so you don't get messy or just carefully paint inside the lines.

    All you need is black and red paint.

    Buy 2 or 3 of them, they are pretty cheap. Try one to start and then use the next one for a more polished and practiced result.

    I thought you were talking about this Toxic Avenger from the horror movie series.

    Now that would need a custom mask maker!

  • 5 years ago

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