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Flying to europe!! Which airline is best for entertainment, food, and safety?

Between Air Canada, Scandinavian airlines, or icelandair?


And also United airlines..

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    Air Canada:

    They have a reativelty good in flight entertainment with the latest tv show and movies!

    They have had some accidents but they are for the most part very safe, the one thing I do have a complaint about thought is their customer service which isn't superb. For food I am not sure if you are in first class I can assume it will be excellent but otherwise I say buy something at the airport and bring it on the plane.

    I have never travelled Scandinavian airlines or icelandair but I did some research...(this info was taken from their website)

    There are plenty of ways to pass the time when flying on SAS between Scandinavia and the US/Asia. Choose from 46 video channels, 10 video games and 30 audio and music channels. Noise-cancelling headphones are used in all classes onboard our intercontinental fleet and every seat has its own video screen.

    United Airlines:

    I would say a definite NO. I did not have a good experience when I flew with them to Hawaii.But I will admit that they DO have LOW prices. But they have had several accident as well and there food was no good in economy...

    Icelandair: Again I have never flown with them....

    Personal in-flight entertainment centers

    Multi-channel stereo music.

    Selection of newspapers and magazines e.g. Icelandair Info.

    Headphones if you haven't got your own can be bought on board for €6 or 900 kr

    Not sure about the safety of the airline but I assume it is adequate or else they would not be in the industry.

    MOst plane food is around the same so like I previously suggested just buy food in the airport and take it on board with you.

    Happy Flying

    Source(s): Both Icelandair and Scandinavian airline info was taken from their own website.
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    Idk but I took British airways depends where your going though

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