Handgun Caliber Comparison?

Can somebody compare these calibers by power please: 9 mm vs. .357 SIG vs. .45 ACP vs. 5.7 mm. vs. .357 Mag. vs. .50 AE vs .45 LC vs. .41. Mag vs. 44 Mag. vs. 480 Ruger vs. .454 Casull vs. 500 S&W Mag.

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    7 years ago
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    Ill do the automatic pistols:


    + Low recoil, huge magazines, pretty cheap, most handguns accept this round

    -lower stopping power, low to medium penetration.

    .357 SIG: (My personal favorite)

    + Fast, accurate, exceptional penetration, medium-high stopping power, pretty low recoil, next to no drawbacks when it comes to performance.

    - Very Expensive, limited to only a few pistol designs.

    .40 S&W:

    + High stopping power, great availability

    - Only marginally better penetration than a 9mm

    .45 ACP:

    + Fantastic stopping power for a pistol, second most widely used cartridge

    - Usually has a lower end capacity, slow and blunt; next to no penetration


    + Probably the best stopping power in an average pistol. A good hit (lightly armored or unarmored) will cause shock waves to ripple through the person that are strong enough to cause brain and tissue damage - and that doesn't include the part where the huge hollow point just blew a hole in the target

    - High recoil, lower capacity, limited availability, can be expensive, not impressive penetration for such raw power

    5.7 x 28mm:

    + THE best pistol round in the world for penetrating armor. Fast as light. Bones will explode if hit. fantastic capacity.

    - Inconsistent stopping power, (but really it's dependent on accuracy) very low if only a flesh wound, very high if it hits bone or if it tumbles, very expensive, approx. 5 firearms use it.

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  • EODbot
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    7 years ago



    Texas Rangers, Homeland Security, FBI, Secret Service, Virginia State Police, and many others use .357 Sig. It is the most accurate and the least likely to jam because of the bottleneck design.


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  • 3 years ago

    If the cal. does not initiate with a 4 your won't have the capability for the positioned down each and every time. once you shot somebody with a 40 or a 40 5, whether they are donning a vest, you will a minimum of supply your self the seconds you like. in case you have a intense might desire to safeguard your self/ kin you have to be thinking greater alongside the strains of a pump 20 or 12 gauge shotgun w/ mild (7 or 8) poultry shot. utilizing a handgun in snap situation demands a point of educating and quietness that maximum people don't have, additionally hand gun rounds can truthfully penetrate partitions of residences and return and forth long distances after doing so. i choose to propose which you're taking a direction in utilizing the weapon for self protection, properly-known taking photos variety time purely isn't adequate. you may ask you close by regulation enforcement officers the place to locate one or verify the NRA internet site. maximum heavily constantly be optimistic that it is your purely decision, killing somebody, even in self-protection is something you will constantly ought to stay with.

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  • All the Ammunition manufacturers list their ballistics, feel free to look it up.

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  • 7 years ago

    gee look it up

    there are thousands of sites

    comparing pistol calibers

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