What should i pay off to increase credit score?

I have some bills that I've accumulated and due to living arrangements I have to find an apartment and my score is "poor".

I need to pay off some bills with limited funds as of now. What bills would raise my score more right now.

Fingerhut account

stoneberry account (similar to fingerhut)

Medical bill from a hospital in collections (they stopped sending bills and I had forgot about it until recently they want to settle)

Animal hospital(bounced a check and it sent to collections)

5/3 bank I had a balance so they closed the account and sent to collections.

I had 2 credit cards when I was young and stupid and they went on for awhile until I paid them off around 2003-2004.

I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!!!

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    8 years ago
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    Pay the oldest off first. Note; Your score will not improve until you are current on all accounts. Even then, it will not raise by much or fast The formula for scores is designed to prevent them from being manipulated. There are no short term fixes. It takes several years of good history to see a real rise in any score. Resist the temptation to find a magic fix, concentrate of correcting the reasons your score is poor.

  • 8 years ago

    Your best hope is go to a bank and sign up for loan consolidation, pray to god they will help too. Loan consolidations help transfer and close any bills you have into a primary.

    The other choice is if your bank actually kept the cards open and you funnel the bills into them as long as you don't max your borrowing allowance.

    But since your funds are very limited, you need to build up your funds and get a new bank account, then pray you can get a loan consolidation including borrowing money for the apartment.

    You'll need a new source of funds like your parents.

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