Does anyone know any good websites to find Graphic/Web Design jobs?

So I am in a situation where I went to school for 2 years and got an associates degree. I have been working as an intern for a company In Manhattan for about 4 months and they just started paying me small money (less that minimum wage). They keep hinting that they're going to hire me but I have the feeling that they are jut using me. I dont know if I could find a job with a 2 year degree or if I should go back to school. In the meantime I want to look for other jobs. So any advice for job search sites and advice whether or not I should go back to school would be greatly appreciated. Btw I am 24 not sure if it worth going back to school right now lol

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  • tom
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    7 years ago
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    Check out the link bellow. There are not a lot of jobs our there for Graphic Web Design.

    Good luck.

  • 7 years ago

    Hi Tony,

    There are lots of sites where you could look for websites where you could find graphic/web design jobs. Try looking on job boards like, and Craigslist where you could look for jobs near your area. There are also freelancing sites where you could work part time like, and for full time. All you need to do is try to look on different places, which will give you better chances of having clients/job.

  • Caren
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    7 years ago

    they don't have need for you. don't expect a job.

    no one is finding jobs with 4 year degrees in graphic design. so choose something else.

    not sure why the heck kids are taking this, when the articles on this career are so bad.

  • gashi
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    3 years ago

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