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Which of these classes can I take online?

I am going to USU to get my BS in Animal, Dairy, and Veterinary science - emphasis on Equine Management and Science (geez, that's wordy haha). The only snag I am running into is I have to be a Utah resident. I plan on moving to Utah when I am 18, but I will still have to wait a year until I can call myself a resident. Here is a list of the courses I will have to take; which of these could I take online to start getting my credits?

General Education Requirements:

BIOL 1620 - Life Sciences

CHEM 1220 - Physical Sciences

ECN 1500 - Agribusiness Management minor

University Studies Requirements:

ADVS 4200 and ADVS 4920 - (CI) requirement

ADVS 4560, APEC 5010, BIOL 3060, or STAT 2000 - (QI) requirement

2 Credits in Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA)

2 Credits in Social Sciences (DSS)

APEC 3010, APEC 3020, ECN 3010 or MGT 3110 - DSS requirement

Core Requirements:

ADVS 1110 - Introduction to Animal Science 4

ADVS 2200 - Anatomy and Physiology of Animals 4

ADVS 3000 - Animal Health and Hygiene 3

BIOL 1610 - Biology I 4

BIOL 1620 - Biology II (BLS) 4

CHEM 1210 - Principles of Chemistry I 4

CHEM 1215 - Chemical Principles Laboratory I 1

CHEM 1220 - Principles of Chemistry II (BPS) 4

CHEM 1225 - Chemical Principles Laboratory II 1

Equine Management Emphasis, Required:

ADVS 1600 - Riding Fundamentals I 3

ADVS 2190 - Horse Production Practices 3

ADVS 2300 - Horse Health Care 2

ADVS 3100 - Equine Evaluation and Judging 3

ADVS 3300 - Farrier Science, Basic Hoof Trimming and Shoeing 3

ADVS 3500 - Animal Nutrition 4

ADVS 3520 - Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology 3

ADVS 4200 - Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation (CI) 4

ADVS 4270 - Internship in Equine Industry 1-12 (3 credits required)

ADVS 4560 - Principles of Animal Genetics and Breeding (QI) 3

ADVS 4920 - Undergraduate Seminar (CI) 2

ADVS 5190 - Equine Business Management 3

MATH 1050 - College Algebra (QL) 4

STAT 1040 - Introduction to Statistics (QL) 3

Equine Management Emphasis, Choose 15:

* = one or the other

ACCT 2010 - Financial Accounting Principles 3

ADVS 2600 - Riding Fundamentals II–Western 2

ADVS 2650 - Riding Fundamentals II–Hunter 2

ADVS 3600 - Equine Behavior and Training 3

ADVS 3910 - Special Topics 1-5

ADVS 4200 - Physiology of Reproduction and Lactation (CI) 4

ADVS 5030 - Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems with Animals 3

ADVS 5860 - Poisonous Range Plants Affecting Livestock 3

APEC 3010 - Introduction to Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (DSS) 3

APEC 3020 - Firm Finance and Records Analysis (DSS) 3

APEC 5010 - Firm Marketing and Price Analysis (QI) 3

BUS 3400 - Finance Fundamentals (QI) 3

BUS 3500 - Marketing Principles 3

BUS 3700 - Operations Management Fundamentals 3

ECN 3010 - Managerial Economics (DSS) 3

MGT 2050 - Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3

MGT 3110 - Managing Organizations and People (DSS) 3

PSC 2010 - Soils, Waters, and the Environment (BPS) 3

PSC 4320 - Forage Production and Pasture Ecology 3

WILD 4000 - Principles of Rangeland Management 3

APEC 2010 - Introduction to Microeconomics (BSS) 3*

ECN 2010 - Introduction to Microeconomics (BSS) 3*

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  • eri
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    The first step would be to find out if they offer any of these online, and if not, what they will accept in transfer. No lab courses can be done online (so none of the sciences).

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  • 7 years ago

    Okay first thing's first, Look on the websites of the classes that you can take online. It's really not hard to do.. You can also do it by calling the school, if you don't have time to look it up.

    You can also see bout' which ones you can transfer over. Would make thing's a lot easier, before suggesting to go to the college. If you like the online courses that it has, then i'd advise you to go to that college for a while ;3

    Hoped this helped

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  • 7 years ago

    It looks like establishing residency for tuition purposes at Utah State is a lot easier than it is for most other schools in other states, which is good news for you. No matter how old you are, you need to move to Utah and live there for 12 months before you attend your first class there:

    Your parents will need to not claim you on their taxes this year and next year.

    It looks like they do allow you to take classes while you're becoming a resident, without jeopardizing your residency status. Again, different from a lot of other states, and lucky you. In fact, you can take summer classes at Utah State, and pay the in-state rate even if you aren't yet a resident:

    As for which classes you can take online - it depends on what classes are *offered* online. In addition, you can't take any classes that require pre-requisites that you don't yet have. For example, I'd be shocked if they were able to offer something like riding online. And the class you list, "Marketing Principles 3", would require you to take 1 and 2 before it, yes? So you need to do more work on your list. Narrow it down.

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  • 4 years ago

    I took an online computer class last summer. It was through our local community college. You might want to check out if colleges in your area offer such courses. Mine cost around $400, books and fees combined. Make sure you will be able to transfer your credits to your high school or college after completion.

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  • Lelar
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Finding out what's accepted in transfer, is a good idea too, before going through the motions.

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  • 7 years ago

    From my experience most biology and math are not given online.Online classes require a lot of reading.I am taking classes both online(which I prefer) and in person.I recommend easy classes to take online.

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